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  1. Fc They might get a little suspicious when half of lakeside show up in mass to renew early. 🤭
  2. There is a gardener who works the Riberas area named David. You see him walking between jobs with his tools. He does very good work and quite a few of my neighbors use him. Mostly around San Lucas /de la ribera and San Luis s.n
  3. 😇Just think if all the homeowners with cars could get their own parking space. Maybe they would have to build highrise parking garages for visitors?
  4. Open online account with Intercam and pay them from wherever. That is how I pay all my utilities. Talk to Alejandra at the new branch.
  5. Yep! Should be interesting. Let's hope the old parrot head has enough bucks.
  6. Adelitas and they deliver.
  7. Puritan Poultry
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