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  1. The one on the website 376 766 6000 isn't working. Thanks
  2. We love youtube tv, but you have to make them think you're in the US.
  3. Why don't you take my offer of $100 above. that would defray your expenses.
  4. I have ordered a piece of equipment that weighs about 34lbs. It will be delivered to your address by UPS. I do not want to have it shipped here as customs will charge an arm and a leg. Once it's taken out of the box you can bring it in with no problem. I had a friend do it with one I have now. It has a handle and is easy to carry. Just pm me and we will discuss if interested.
  5. Thanks guys. I went to Dr. Pepe this morning. He couldn't have been nicer. I had the last four pups with me, although one of them is promised to a friend. He immediately made a couple calls and gave me a very good deal on vaccines etc for the four. He is placing them in a crate in front of his clinic next to Soriana. I believe enough folks will se them to get them good homes.
  6. Thanks to all. I've rescued dozens of dogs over the years and never had one put down. Just hoped it would spur a response. Three have been adopted by my maid, massuese and gardener. I just can't keep them all together, but they went to good homes. Where are those vets located? Any phone #s?
  7. I have four dogs and and a cat so keeping any is not possible. I have spoken with the ranch, with no luck and will try lucky Dog in the morning. I will try me best to find a place or homes, but if not then I guess it's to the vet for euthanizing.
  8. His website says temporarily closed. 331-144-2372 Ave. Pepe Guizar #137
  9. Anyone know a good place to buy? I'm sure Soriana and Walmart have them for kids. I'm not looking for some big overnight rig. just something for a few things on a day hike. Thanks
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