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  1. The BEST streaming device is almost always the most expensive. Just using Amazon as an example, work your way from (https://www.amazon.com/gp/browse.html?node=8521791011&ref_=nav_em_ods_smp_nav_cat_0_2_6_2) Fire TV Stick Lite 29.99 to All-new Fire TV Cube $139.99 As you work your way up the dollar ladder, each device is better the the one just left behind. Which one is beat? Depends on your finances and your viewing needs. I have the Cube, my son has the Lite. I watch a lot more than he does which he does only infrequently. As to where to set up, Amazon registers it when you buy it. After that, the apps you load or don't load are largely left up to you. However, you will probably need a VPN which when activated can show you as in the US even tho you are in MX. I mostly use Surfshark, though I also have Nord and Strong. Good luck!
  2. My friends and I (7 of us ordered hot dogs, $95 MXN. That's a lot of overcharge. We were assured that they came with fries. Asked several times. English and Spanish! Assured, 'Si, senor!' Si!' The bill came. $95 for the hot dog (NOT large, but regular size PLUS $45 for the fires. We inquired and inquired and inquired. After too much time was wasted, we paid! The waitress, her manager (We were told Pancho wasn't there.) basically told us to f-off! The waitress got stiffed. We have all been her 15-20 years. We know our way around. We all know the story about Pancho and Super lake. That way will always be around Pancho's.
  3. While I am, of course, concerned about the nastiness, I wonder even more why so many are so inclined to be so nasty. I can speculate as to why, but only they really know why!
  4. IF you want/need wifi service in your house, do yourself a favor and buy a $100 router to sit behind your fiber modem. Turn the fiber modem's wifi off and use only the router's wifi. Por favor, how to turn off and why? Thanks
  5. I believe that WalMart employees are not allowed to accept tips. Baggers are not WalMart employees
  6. Its because he just wants walk-in patients. 😊 This might have been the all-time best post! (Except, of course, for the direct answers to information requests for which this board has mostly done a pretty good job!)
  7. That I can sympathize with and understand. Goes to show ya that we (0f course, I have to include myself,) shouldn't jump the gun on judging cuz we hardly ever know all the conditions.
  8. Is this a confession to passing counterfeit money?
  9. What I wrote applied to 'today,' not tomorrow.' By the way I have had solar panels since 2010.
  10. WOW!!! to the 1st one! Re 2nd: Still seems too expensive for home use unless absolutely necessary.
  11. no telmex fiberoptic yet in lower lafloresta, at least on paseo de la huerta
  12. Our TotalPlay cut out yesterday (1st time after initial installation several months ago). My wife called for service. Said an hour or so. More like 2 before 2 techs showed up and corrected problem in just a few minutes. When asked what caused problem? Answer: Honesty! They said there was work being done in the area and they probably messed it up. Honestly admitting a possible error is much better than the BS most companies give. When Ilox didn't work, which was all the time, their answer when I asked why: 'Your connected equipment is the fault.'
  13. HOTEL SUAVE VIDA Manzanillo <hotel.suave.vida@hotmail.com> Not fancy, buy quite accommadoting and priced right. Tell Alex 'Ed sent you!'
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