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  1. This seems to have fixed the problem but I am checking frequently. Let's get back to business here.
  2. We'll see if more shows up. They may have used an identity that was created earlier that was either not used or maybe not correctly banned. Someone sure has put a lot of energy into trying to jam up this relatively lightly used board. Nuts.
  3. Just deleted a half dozen more obviously from the same spammers that have plagued us for a week now. So the capcha isn't stopping them. From MOD5 just deleted 30 or so. Sorry to break in to your post, Moderator-5, maybe two hours later
  4. That is extremely good news. I have spent hours over the last week deleting the same spammers over and over again as did Mod 5. Thank you VERY much Admin!
  5. I'm going to ask those of you who want to keep this group going to contact Chapala Realty direct and ask them to fix this. I really can't sit here all day and delete the same spammers over and over again. This needs to be addressed at board level.
  6. Mods are limited to a function "Flag As Spammer" which removes the spammer and all their posts. We can't see the IP address. I have tried to get CB to stop using Invision as this is a chronic problem with their software. You will notice this never happens at TOB. We are coming up on a week of this attack. Longest yet.
  7. It seems I arrived the same time they did this morning and got four within a couple minutes of posting. 6:30AM
  8. I got a couple more this afternoon but checking just now seems clean. Did you get more in late afternoon (here)?
  9. Also notice they are trying to slip their spam crap in down the topic list, even into the for sale sections.
  10. Thanks Pete, I missed that last batch. Need all the help you can provide.
  11. OK, I fixed the topic title. 😀
  12. Morning clean up complete. Enjoy your day.
  13. I had the thought this might be a possibility but then the link Lou posted seems to show there is a bigger problem here than just us.
  14. Got a bunch more just now. I hope everyone understands I can't sit here all day and wait for these SOBs. Still wondering why anyone goes to this trouble. They may as well put SPAM in all caps in their title lines, it is so obvious. No one in this group would be dumb enough to click on this crap so what is the point?
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