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  1. There is usually someone in the Laguna Telcel office who can speak English.
  2. Exactly.... And there is no birthdate for the Virgin Mary who appeared twice in a vision to a peasant and was later named the Virgin of Guadalupe
  3. If you do not return in time to exit Mexico with the car while your 6 month visa is in still effect then.... The legal answer is yes. Your car permit (TIP) is tied to your visa. Your insurance on the vehicle requires that it be in Mexico legally so the day your TIP expires your insurance is invalid and you will have lost your deposit.
  4. Un used coetes leftover from 2 years of lo use during covid ? 😄
  5. Excuse me Really??? Ocampo and Constitution were changed all the way through Ajijic from where.... De Las Flores to La Floresta? No signage... No traffic diversion at the west end or signage on how to return to the carretera in La Floresta or? no bus route changes .... and no public announcement? Odd I drive the carretera on a daily basis from west to east and there was never a diversion sending eastbound traffic onto Ocampo.
  6. What exactly were the required documents? Wondering how Michigan used a Mexican factura as a title of ownership to make the transfer? As stated by RickS ...By US federal law the vehicle would have to be brought up to US standards by one of the authorized shops. There is also a federal duty to be paid. Having imported vehicles to the USA myself I always had an authorized vehicle shop change and certify the new odometer, do an emissions inspection, and safety certification, as well I paid the import duty. https://www.cbp.gov/trade/basic-import-export/importing-car
  7. A new chip will mean a new number and might cost more than just a simple visit to Telcel. Any existing credit to the old number would be lost as well.
  8. The Ocampo solution was discussed by authorities about 15 years ago. Nothing came of it.
  9. At this time your SIM (phone number) is associated with a certain plan. Any deposit you make will be to that plan. You need to visit Telcel in Laguna mall and change the plan associated with your phone number
  10. This site shows last years costs Not up to date
  11. The joke in my family is traffic engineers in Mexico don't earn enough to buy a car and don't drive.
  12. December 7 Updates (they are not updating daily) Chapala active: Zero awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active: Zero awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: Zero awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc PLEASE DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
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