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  1. No crap shoot. Just check before you go at either of the 2 options and you will know your rate https://www.mastercard.com/global/en/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  2. Actually as of this year financial experts are still advising against using a debit card for point of sale purchases. If a credit card is stolen or "hacked" you are not out any money from your account. The credit card company freezes the purchase and the payment to the vender, and there is no interest charged. They then investigate the problem and at some point decide to kill the charge or allow the charge. With a debit card is stolen or "hacked" the money is gone from your account instantly. Smart thieves have been known to drain thousands from the account in a few minutes. The card company will investigate and make a decision about returning the money to your account. Until that happens you do not have the money. If you have an online payment pending from the "hacked" account and there are not sufficient funds in your account to cover it it could bounce causing you more problems.
  3. Actually you get a returno seguro for a vehicle whose TIP has expired. Most cars are removed from Mexico before the Permanente is issued. Or people have friends, or pay someone like RickS to drive the car in question to the frontier and have the TIP exit processed. https://www.gob.mx/tramites/ficha/aviso-de-retorno-seguro-de-vehiculos-extranjeros/SAT5098
  4. so basically if you use your debit card at only ATM's (as recommended by all financial experts) the safety would be exactly the same. Then all you have do do is be aware of ATM's that have been compromised by skimmers and internal readers that send your information to a nearby bluetooth device. Those ATM's are usually high tourist areas like last year in Cancun with the Russian group.
  5. You are dead right. That is because Banjercito (the bank owned by the Mexican army that handles the money) has no way of knowing that the person who got the TIP has caused it to be invalid. They only see it is leaving Mexico legally when the vehicle is checked out.
  6. Sorry the subject was ATM rates and I was staying on that theme. You brought up interbank transfers which are managed by another organization, usually The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) system which powers most international money and security transfers. By your reply your debit card is either a Mastercard or Visa who set the rates for ATM exchanges All of my statements regarding ATM exchanges are accurate. My son works for Cirrus (owned by Mastercard) which connects all Mastercard credit, debit and prepaid cards, as well as ATM cards issued by various banks worldwide bearing the Mastercard / Maestro logo. Visa has it's own system.
  7. Talking about interbank money exchanges is very different than a Visa or Mastercard debit card. Do not confuse the two. Apples to oranges. Visa and Mastercard set the international exchange rates for their cards regardless of the financial institution's rates. A bank can also have a fee of 0% to 3% or more for foreign exchange, and some banks also add an ATM fee....Those fees are in addition to the rate that is set by Mastercard and Visa. Now perhaps your bank does not use Visa or Mastercard and has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to have their own system and their debit and credit cards are not Visa or Mastercard. (Unlike say JP Morgan Chase that has close to 150 million cardholders that let Visa and Mastercard do it for them) If that is the case then they have a department to set the rates daily on those cards for a hundred or more countries in the event one of your bank's clients is using an ATM converting to let's say..... Bhutanese Ngultrum or the Falkland Island Pound, it would instantly be available for the ATM to process.....just like Mastercard & Visa. You can verify the debit card rates 24 hours a day instantly. If you are using a credit card the the exchange rate will be that of the day the merchant process the transaction which may not be the same day as your purchase. https://www.mastercard.com/global/en/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  8. I really don't think that immigration is sending information to customs. The TIP is legally invalid when you become permanente but customs is unaware.
  9. An ATM card differs from a debit card how? Does it not take money directly from your account?
  10. All debit cards are managed by either Mastercard or Visa. The symbol is in the corner. Do you think every bank in the world has someone who daily updates all the international rates? a one branch bank in a small town with 10 employees does that? The only thing your bank does is set if there is an foreign exchange fee which can be 0% to 3% or more. Some banks also have a second fee attached when using an ATM that is not theirs. https://www.mastercard.com/global/en/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  11. Are you saying that your debit card does not have a Visa or Mastercard symbol on it?
  12. The exchange is set by Visa or Mastercard not the bank that issued your card unless you opt for the atm's bank rate which will almost always be far worse https://www.mastercard.com/global/en/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  13. No the exchange is set by Visa or Mastercard not the bank that issued your card https://www.mastercard.com/global/en/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html
  14. Be very careful with this one Their website is not secure and is a discount website provider tinyurl A good chance your information could be stolen and your money lost
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