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  1. Deep cleaning, buffing out scratches and polishing.
  2. Is there any store Lakeside that has a decent assortment to fringes for pillows?
  3. What are the best restaurants for dining outside in a garden type setting?
  4. Thanks John. Sergio seems very knowledgeable and will start work next week
  5. Leaves on my beautiful lemon tree are turning yellow, curling up and the fruit is rotting. Something is seriously wrong and my gardner isn't able to cure it. Does anybody know a specialist?
  6. Does anybody know when and where shot will be available?
  7. Does anbody know when and where they will be available?
  8. How does one do that these days? Does the Consulate still provide services lakeside?
  9. Yes Joel is very creative. We ate the lumpia, the boudin balls and the avacado toast appetizers. All good and presented beautifully. My favorite was the avacado toast. Also ordered the jambalaya and etouffe. Both good. The chairs weren't very comfortable and the garden is a work in progress. So nice to have a new restaurant with NOLA/ Cajun cooking. We'll definately go back.
  10. And eat at Las Brisas restaurant across hwy from Las Palmas hotel
  11. Looking for someone to cook evening meals for an elderly couple in Riviera Alta, Ajijic
  12. Where have they moved?
  13. Have written checks for $5000 for deposit to my BBVA account
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