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  1. Sorry this was your outcome. He has done excellent and kindly work for a friend.
  2. Upscale Resale is very good for things but their clothes are, generally speaking, just Asian cheapies. I have some stellar brands to sell.
  3. Any suggestions for elsewhere? I would prefer a commercial business as opposed to a charity shop. Thank you.
  4. When I arrived in Canada about sixty years ago the Public Health Service was very good. Twenty years ago when I left it was awful. Now, my friends there tell me about the endless waiting lists, too few doctors/medical professionals, indifference to suffering, being offering medical assistance in dying in response to curable or at least postponable problems. How dreadful. Much better to enjoy the sunshine here and concentrate on being well. And yes indeed YMMV.
  5. 1897 George du Maurer “The Martian” first edition. Good condition no dust jacket. And Harper’s framed advertising poster. MN$1,000
  6. I have two flat pictures that need economical transportation to Southern California. I realize that you bring packages the other way but would you consider taking them north? They could be strapped to the roof.
  7. The CDN/Peso exchange is pitiful and absolutely no likelihood of improvement.
  8. Silver plate with bone handles. Set of six plus two large servers.
  9. Indeed I have as well as after 8.00 am. I know he is always busy.
  10. Gualberto has been repairing my appliances for years and always does an excellent job. I need him again. However for the past few days his phone goes straight to voice mail. Does anyone know if he has a new phone number, is away on vacation or……
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