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  1. Almost new: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 2021 Android Tablet 12.4 inch WiFi Screen 64GB S Pen Included Long Life Battery Powerful Performance, (Mystic Silver) Comes with case and 256GD SD card installed. Also comes with original charger and cable. Purchased August 2022. Cost: 14160 MXN Perfect condition. SOLD
  2. Does anyone know of a doctor who treats problems with the inner ear in this area? If not here, in Guad? Thanks.
  3. She is the one who told me to go the the Chapala government office. She could offer no other help since I had already filed the request for corrections to the Certificate online.
  4. I got my second covid shot in December 2021. My certificate has not been updated and I have a vacation coming up when I might need it. I have sent emails to mivacuna.com several times. Then I was told a Chapala government office on Ninos Heroes might be able to help. They told me I had to go to an office in Guadalajara, since this is the locality I got my shot in. I asked where the office is and they didn't know. I searched the web and the Jalisco website but could find no record of this office. The shot itself was at the Auditorium, but I have read that this site has closed covid operations. Does anyone know where this office might be? Thanks for your help.
  5. I had my second Covid shot on December 15, 2021. It does not appear on my certificate. Does anyone know who to contact to get this fixed? I have tried Mi Vicuna and CvCovid Salud to try to have the second shot added to the Certificate with no luck.
  6. I don't speak Spanish well. I registered for the vaccination and i know I will get a call. If it is a recorded message, they usually speak too fast for me to comprehend what they are saying. Is there any other way to find out when and where the shots are scheduled? Do I have to bring a utility bill with me?
  7. I have used OneSim for years. You have to make sure you get a SIM specifically for banking. So far it has worked with all banks and credit card companies, although some can be fussy at times, e.g. it works fine with one Chase account and sometimes not at all with another. Keep the option of receiving codes by email for times like that.
  8. Mercado Libre Mexico was selling this type thermometer last week for about 1800 pesos with free shipping. I don't know if they have any left.
  9. Nice to see that the government up north is handing out masks to the rioters and looters who need them or otherwise just ignore them all and let them violate social distancing rules
  10. Everyone in a panic about this should read Edgar Allen Poe's The Masque of the Red Death. Written in 1919, it predicts what the "experts" are trying to, and the ultimate outcome, quite well.
  11. Mercado Libre has a large selection of wines from US, Chile and Mexico at various price points. I should get my delivery today for an order placed Sunday.
  12. We're in West Ajijic. I didn't mention speeds so as not to aggravate too many people. But I pay for 150 Mbs down. Right now, depending on the speed tester, I get between 180 and 210 down and 70 to 100 up. I'm sure this won't last as they do more installs, but it sure is great after years of 8Mbs or less with frequent, sometimes daily, interruptions of service on DSL.
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