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  1. There is a Piggy Bank program here that helps fund a girl's home. You can contact the owner of Quinta del Sol in Ajijic to get a free piggy bank. http://www.quintadelsolajijic.com/ I fill one up every year.
  2. Years ago I bought a pack of shiitakes at Walmart. Like I said I rarely shop there, but it seems they sometimes sell interesting shrooms. fyi, creminis are often called Baby Bellos....they are juvenile portobellos. I have heard (and seen on menus) the terms champinons, setas and hongos to refer to mushrooms
  3. Setas is Spanish for mushrooms, generally. The ones in your pic are common white oysters. Not much flavor, sadly. The King Trumpet Oyster shrooms in my OP were very flavorful. Not a regular Walmart shopper so no idea if the Kings are available routinely. They were that same brand as in your pic.
  4. Have you asked at S&S Auto since they know GDL dealers?
  5. Here is link to free site with same story. https://www.aljazeera.com/economy/2021/12/30/mexicos-central-bank-to-launch-digital-currency-by-2024 IMO, it's AMLO blowing smoke (again). The independent Central Bank pretty much dissed AMLO's announcement.
  6. I know you asked for local, and you may find one at the so-called Dollar store on the Ajijic plaza, however, the ones I got there (several years ago) just weren't accurate. I now have one from Amazon Mexico.
  7. Oh no! Harry had said on FB that Chris was hospitalized in GDL, then moved to RMC. Had hoped she was getting better. I first met Chris at the Culinary group...she was a great cook and genuinely nice person. Descansa en Paz.
  8. https://mexicodailypost.com/2021/12/28/breaking-news-amlo-presidential-decree-sets-an-exchange-rate-at-12-50-pesos-to-the-usd/?fbclid=IwAR3R93rqmmN0quaH62RU2YXR0K1bRKPXQ2C-UmTt4bRy6LjAtTziU4WghGI Mark your calendars for this! Oh, and check your calendar for today 😎
  9. They are on the same street as before (Colon/Morelos), but now they are at the bottom of that street, same side.
  10. Great idea---haggle and beat down his price just before he pulls out his scalpel.
  11. La Noche Before Christmas ’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa, Not a creature was stirring, My goodness! ¿Qué pasa? The children were all tucked away in their camas, The girls in their sleepers, the boys in piyamas. The stockings were hung, with mucho cuidado, In hopes that old Santa would feel obligado, To bring all the children, both buenos y malos, Muchísimo candy, and other regalos. When out in the yard there arose tanto grito, That I jumped to my feet like a scaredy-gatito. I ran to the window and looked out afuera, And who in the world do you think that it era? Saint Nick on his sleigh in a big red sombrero, Came dashing toward me like a loco bombero. And pulling his sleigh, instead of venados, Were eight little burros venir-ing volados! I watched as they came and this kindhearted hombre, Was whistling and shouting and calling por nombre: “¡Ay Pancho, ay Cisco, ay Chuy, ay Flaco!” “¡Ay Bella, Estrella, Chiquita y Paco!” Then he jumped off his sleigh with his hands on his pecho, After landing on top of our very own techo. And struggling to squeeze down our old chimenea, He bounced off the hearth like a bowl of jalea. Now huffing and puffing at last in our sala, With soot smeared all over his vestido de gala, He filled all the stockings with buenos regalos, For none of the niños had been muy malos. Then chuckling aloud feeling muy contento, He turned in a flash and was gone like el viento. And I heard him exclaim, y es la verdad, “Merry Christmas to all, y ¡Feliz Navidad!”
  12. I think you are right! Thx. They certainly are far tastier than the normal oysters seen here, all white, little flavor, IMO. Adding: panfried one for a test. The stems are quite different texture. For today's menu I will saute' tops and maybe play with stems another day---may be fine with longer cooking in a stew or soup???
  13. The labeling on pkg. is no help, bought at Walmart a few days ago. The pics are accurate to color...bronzish grey top with very white stems.
  14. In keeping with my family's tradition of Seven Fishes (mas o menos) for Christmas Eve, lunch at Baja Norte. Ceviche de atún. Tostada de Guacamole y Camarones. Taco de pulpo.
  15. All these folks can continue to enter hospitals, AS LONG AS THEY ARE VACCINATED. Right now many surgeries and treatments such as chemo are being DELAYED thanks to the hospitals being full of UNvaxed. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2021-covid-surge-shows-overwhelming-cost-of-being-unvaccinated-america/
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