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  1. you use XE to send funds to a local checking acct, correct? And instead of an ATM, you go to a bank teller?
  2. I agree, but so far my landlord won't let me make such a change.
  3. NOB, conventional thought is to water one’s lawn before 10 AM. Benefits include grass having water early helps sustain it during mid-afternoon hot sun, prevents growth of lawn diseases, fungus & molds, etc. Every Mexican gardener I’ve spoken with here says its best to water in the evening, b/c they say the water sits on/in the soil overnight rather than evaporating in the blazing sun. And, they say, I’ll save on water. Are they correct? Or, are the pros-cons a wash?
  4. If you have a Mexican checking acct, you can also pay via your bank. I pay via Intercam. No need to walk/drive to Oxxo, no need for paper (I save downloaded bills to cloud storage), and no need to give Telmex your credit or debit card. Takes 3-minutes to pay Telcel, CFE, Telmex, TotalPlay, etc. via Intercam.
  5. the bulletin board at the Legion has several 'for rent' ads. And the staff that work there know about rentals close by. Ask them.
  6. what kind of trouble are you having with Total Play?
  7. Thanks @NEWMtnMama, I re-read the instructions and I do need an appt. at the consulate to get the card. @Lou Quillio I no longer have a US driver's license and when I travel within the US, as @Ellie mentioned, it is easier to carry the card. It is "Real ID" compliant and accepted at US airports. For me, its a convenience.
  8. I'm renewing my U.S. passport via https://mx.usembassy.gov/passports/u-s-passport-renewal-by-mail/ and want to get both the passport book and passport card . Price for both is $160. When I try to pay via the payment link (https://www.pay.gov/public/form/entry/102/607957567/ ) it gives me the option to pay $130 for the passport book only. anyone encounter this issue? How did you resolve it? Thanks.
  9. The battery on my mosquito-bug zapper racquet has died and it won't hold a charge. Any place where I can get it fixed? Likely needs a replacement rechargeable battery.
  10. I'm thinking of moving some of my savings here. How complex are the FBAR (Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts) reporting requirements for US citizens? Is it something that I can report with Turbo Tax?
  11. Could you tell me where this money changer is located on the 200 block of Hidalgo, Chapala Centro? Thanks.
  12. In this scenario, shouldn't the ATM software at some point inform the user's bank that it didn't receive an OK response, so the user's acct can be credited? In this 2nd scenario, if CI Banco is acting in good faith, shouldn't they be able to provide Lexy with the fault logs?
  13. I stand corrected. Maybe my memory is failing me! Thanks.
  14. The Santander ATM at Soriana charged me 85 pesos.
  15. Especially the fine print. Some inspectors don't inspect for termites and it is stated in the fine print.
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