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  1. I had a brain scan at Rio a couple of weeks ago of 1.5 teslas for 5659mxp.
  2. I understand your frustration with my question BUT I have googled it and have tried the number but it's for the Penthouse in Riberas. Please don't assume that everyone who asks a stupid question that is easily googled is an :(). Although, you can usually assume that the questioner is at least LAZY. I am not. I know that Sheila Paull supports this clinic and I'm hoping she will respond.
  3. Does anyone have the phone number for the Metropolitan Clinic north of Soriana? TIA
  4. The dams upriver on the Lerma are holding water for the hot, dry time in Apr and May so the farmers have irrigation water.
  5. I began using Ana at the hearing aid shop in the San Antonio hosp. complex. She used to be at Costco then was transferred to Mexico City, then quit Costco and opened her own place. She has one office in Guad and the office here. I fell in love with her service and knowledge when she was at Costco so I was so happy to find her locally. She knows more about adjusting hearing aids than anyone I know. She adjusted mine so I can actually hear out of them well now.
  6. Love Dra. Ballesteros. She has been my dermatologist for about 15 years. I had melanoma so I need a really good doc. 333/408-0951 for appt.
  7. AREDS 2 is the recommended vitamins by ophthalmologists. They are common vitamins combined into one pill. I've been taking AREDS 2 for a couple of years for my AMD and a friends has been taking it for years. Much cheaper than trying to source each vitamin.
  8. I believe it has usually been 3 days in a row with rain.
  9. Pharr is only open to cars early in the morning or after 6 at night. Check the Mexican land ports of entry to check the times of each crossing. I've taken Ansalduas for the last two years.
  10. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10. #11. #12. #13. #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20.
  11. If there is no water, Call SIMAPA and ask them to send a pipa. SIMAPA is paid to provide water and you do not have to pay for your own pipa.
  12. I believe that the local law allows only 2 story buildings. With a variance, they were ok'd to build three stories. When the building reached 7 stories, progress was stopped and they had to tear off the top 2 stories down to 5 as a compromise. Some compromise! Newbies will probably be OK with the building but the rest of us residents and the Mexicans are NOT happy about the building at all.
  13. I get really good service and prices at the pharmacy next to Mascaras farmacia, Gabby is the owner. I use Cendial Lab right behind the gas station on the libramiento. Always ask for your senior discount. They send most everything to Guad and you get your results same or next day by email to you and any doc you choose.
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