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  1. There are two ironworkers there. The one I have experience with is the eastern most one, and there might be a tree.
  2. There is a good guy in Ajijic, just west of Blue Rose's old location.
  3. There is a Weber store in Guadalajara on Pablo Neruda. The Weber Genesis II SX-335 is the best gas grill on the market. In the US, it is $1349. When I bought one from them a couple years ago, they were nice enough to deliver it to me in Ajijic.
  4. A little up date. Currency rates vs the US$as today's close (WSJ): Can$ 5.4% vs US$ Mex$ -5.6% Euro 9.4% JYen 21.2% LbSterl 13.5%
  5. They are still doing steaks the way Bruno did them. Cooked over mesquite, basted with a butter/olive oil baste, and seasoned with a rub consisting of 90% granulated garlic/10%garlic salt. Correct my previous post. The (big) baseball filet is $395, up from $350 several years ago.
  6. The baseball filet is little changed in price in 3 years at least. MC, it has never been 250!
  7. He died in Seattle November 2. https://replica.yakimaherald.com/infinity/article_popover_share.aspx?guid=9e8e7f94-fb14-44a4-8ee3-8c1dad02472c
  8. INM is not present leaving Mexico or entering Mexico by car. This is for Mexican plated cars.
  9. You have to be careful with pressure washers. On masonry walls, the water will penetrate the brick and then impossible to paint over it. Better to use a wire brush to remove loose paint and then just paint over it.
  10. In the 15 years we owned a house in Ajijic, we used Chapala Realty to manage the pay for our gardener, maid and pool guy. Well worth the $900mp monthly charge.
  11. There was no difference in the 2 locations previously so I wouldn't expect any with this new location. Why not just go try it?
  12. We always like the food. From their original location out west by the French bakery, then across from SuperLake on the east end of that string of businesses. We always brought our own salad dressing as we aren't fans of balsamic vinegar in salad dressings.
  13. Those are I Bonds, must hold 5 yrs or penalties. There is a $20,000 limit too.
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