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  1. I believe it has usually been 3 days in a row with rain.
  2. Pharr is only open to cars early in the morning or after 6 at night. Check the Mexican land ports of entry to check the times of each crossing. I've taken Ansalduas for the last two years.
  3. #3. #4. #5. #6. #7. #8. #9. #10. #11. #12. #13. #14. #15. #16. #17. #18. #19. #20.
  4. If there is no water, Call SIMAPA and ask them to send a pipa. SIMAPA is paid to provide water and you do not have to pay for your own pipa.
  5. I believe that the local law allows only 2 story buildings. With a variance, they were ok'd to build three stories. When the building reached 7 stories, progress was stopped and they had to tear off the top 2 stories down to 5 as a compromise. Some compromise! Newbies will probably be OK with the building but the rest of us residents and the Mexicans are NOT happy about the building at all.
  6. I get really good service and prices at the pharmacy next to Mascaras farmacia, Gabby is the owner. I use Cendial Lab right behind the gas station on the libramiento. Always ask for your senior discount. They send most everything to Guad and you get your results same or next day by email to you and any doc you choose.
  7. The hardware store west of IShop has several different thicknesses. The shop you referred to is call Jara.
  8. A perfect example of a restaurant botching the job is what used to be Charlotte's just past the BP station on the libramiento. When the new people bought it, it was a thriving business. The service was great and the food even better. Now I hardly see anyone in there when I go by. I stopped once a couple of months after they reopened and the food was really sub par. I've not been back. If someone wants to open a new restaurant, just wait a bit and they will close so you can have their pretty good location.
  9. Sorry, made a boo boo. I'll bet lots of people think the same as I did. Thanks for the new info.
  10. Black rice isn't a rice at all; it's the seed of a grass. I've never eaten anything except black rice from Minnesota.
  11. I noticed at two stores today that their cigarettes were covered from view. Is this part of the new law?
  12. I can't get either of my two US cc's to work.
  13. Do you mean Macias? In the orange building frente the Coffee Tree? He is still there but IMHO made a big mistake painting his building beige.
  14. On that same govt. site, there is shown the new salary minimum. It's about 207 pesos a day.
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