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  1. I know of 2 high end private hospitals in San Luis Potosi where we own "consultorios" in their medical towers beside the hospital where only Drs. with a contract with these hospitals can rent the facilities options and one of my wife's nieces who is an eye specialist had to pay a one time $14,000 USD fee to be able to use their specialized Otomology facility inside the hospital - see below their website's ad - plus paying a fee for everything and if her patients were admitted more fees. Drs. just can't pick any hospital to have their patients admitted and then treating them there for fees. It is compilcated and the higher end hospitals are selective. "HIGH SPECIALTY CENTERS CENTER OF INTEGRAL OPHTHALMOLOGY Our center has facilities and equipment of the highest level. Our philosophy is to offer a specialized comprehensive service to each patient. To achieve our goal we have a staff of 14 excellent ophthalmologist surgeons with different subspecialties.  • Refractive and cataract  • Retina  • Orbit, eyelids and lacrimal ways  • Ophthalmopediatrics and strabismus  • Cornea  • Anterior segment microsurgery and Glaucoma  • Ultrasound The cutting edge technology we use for diagnostics and surgeries puts us at the forefront to offer the best option in equipment and service to the patient."
  2. https://atmeye.com/blog/atm-cash-trapping/
  3. You have 6 months from the time the Mx. Consulate puts the visa in your passport to enter Mexico. Have the visa stamped then and make sure you are given a 30 day FMM marked "canje" which the local INM office takes and gives you a form with your "tramite" number which will be your temporary document and that number will be on your TR card. It doesn't matter how long the office takes you don't need to worry about the 30 days.
  4. We got back on Monday from 8 days on a private bus tour from San Luis Potosi - Chihuahua city - Creel - Burrancas del Cobre - Chepe Express - El Fuerte Sinaloa and Mazatlan. The train started following but above on the side of a wide mountain river however there is a 1 year drought so the river was dry except maybe 15 percent and the waterfalls weren't flowing. When we came down to level ground the reservoir, which was huge, was empty. The tree line 40 feet above on the side of it was where the water was a year ago. We got off at El Fuerte, Sinaloa where our bus was waiting and not at Los Mochis the end of the line. Creel has many tour companies. The train can be taken from there, further on at Burrancas where we got on, or at the begining at Chihuahua city.
  5. I was going to say that. The ones I had had more color when I stopped watering them often and were easy to trim. Some of the leaves that have the bright color year round, are not called flowers.
  6. https://consulmex.sre.gob.mx/houston/index.php/comunidadesatencion/214-afiliaimss#:~:text=No hay límite de edad. Google Translation: "Is there an age limit to start registration? Can a person over 60 still employed register? Up to what age can a worker register? Is there a maximum age for which they can be insured? There is no age limit."
  7. My buddy who travels continuiosly got this from a machine when entering Mexico yesterday instead of the tourist stamp in his passport. The new system at the Mexico City airport now. It is good for 180 days.
  8. All the Covid vaccine is now the Cuban vaccine in Mexico. The Secreteria de Saluds in each state has vaccination centers operating occationally.
  9. I looked up residential building/work permits in Guadalajara. Only if you are building a structure 20 sq. meters or more is a building "licence" required. It appears he is an extortionist.
  10. "Save yourself from a fine In which places is smoking prohibited as of today? With the new law, tobacco-free spaces are expanded, so there will be fines for those who smoke cigarettes of up to 3,000 pesos.  The new law prohibits smoking on public transport and in schools. (Darkroom) January 15, 2023 | 4:34 p.m. The new General Law for Tobacco Control entered into force this Sunday, January 15, and with it, new restrictions on the sale and consumption of tobacco in the country. This law prohibits all forms of cigarette advertising as well as its display at points of sale, so now stores like Oxxo must hide them from public view and have a list of names and prices in which they inform those who want to buy. With the aim of protecting the health of the population, mainly children, this measure includes the expansion of tobacco-free spaces, so smokers will have fewer spaces and new signs so they know when it is allowed and when it is not. Places where you can no longer smoke As of this Sunday, January 15, smoking is prohibited in: A smokeless tobacco business Work centers. Public transport. Schools. Venues where shows are held. Hotels. Stadiums. Shopping malls. Beaches, parks or places where girls, boys and adolescents are, as well as those marked with the legend "Free space for smoke”. Restaurants may not offer a smoking area. The Federal Commission for the Protection Against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) will monitor compliance with the rule, and if you want to report a person who smokes in prohibited places, call 800 033 5050. In Mexico, approximately one in eight Mexicans, that is, 16 million, are smokers, and there are 173 deaths due to smoking. With this measure, it is expected that the demand for tobacco will decrease and that the new generations will normalize their consumption, in order to benefit health. The Ministry of Health expects to prevent 49 thousand premature deaths and 292 thousand new cases of diseases associated with smoking in the next 10 years thanks to the denormalization of tobacco, as well as a saving of 116 thousand pesos in diseases associated with the consumption of cigarettes and other products with nicotine." © Copyright, Lauman Multimedia Group, SAPI de CV
  11. Narcotic pain medicine is perscribed by anesthesioligists licensed to do so. Non narcotic pain medicines are prescibed by Dr.s
  12. It did not say this is in Canada but I suspect it might be. 😊
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