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  1. https://www.deceroacien.com.mx/tendencias/2022/9/22/cual-es-la-multa-por-no-regularizar-tu-auto-chocolate-2783.html "A few months ago, the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, reported that a program would be launched to regulate chocolate cars, since in this way greater control of the vehicle fleet in the country could be achieved. The deadline to carry out the procedure was September 20, however, the Federal Executive informed through the Official Gazette of the Federation that the term would extend until December 31 of this year. Despite the fact that the Mexican government has been quite flexible with the situation, there are still motorists who are not sure about starting this process, which leads us to ask ourselves: what is the fine for not regularizing your chocolate car? According to reports from El Sol de Hermosillo, because the regularization process is still open, for now there is no official statement indicating that drivers of this type of car can be fined, since it is believed that they intend to start with regularization. YOU MAY BE INTERESTED  TIPS How to regularize a "chocolate car" in Puebla?  FIND OUT What are chocolate cars? At the moment it is not known what could happen to the chocolate cars after December 31, but it is expected that some measures will be taken. According to the trial lawyer, Nuria Gallegos, who was interviewed by Milenio in October 2021, before the decree, driving an illegal vehicle in Mexico brought with it the following consequences: Insurance of automobiles Fines for foreign trade Prison (depending on the status of the vehicle) “They can seize your car, they seize assets and the fines for foreign trade are very high, sometimes higher than the value of the vehicle. There may even be a prison sentence, in the least of three months to six years. The penalty varies if the vehicle brought false documents or had a report of theft. Trial Lawyer, Nuria Gallegos, Via Milenio Now or never Owners of chocolate cars who have not yet considered starting this process should be aware that the extension until December 31 of this year is the last opportunity that the government will give to regularize the vehicles, according to Marco Antonio Moreno Mexía. , Secretary of the Treasury of Baja California. If you want to know how to start this process, we share a quick and easy guide that can be of great help. Remember that there is still time to start the regularization of your chocolate car, because if you do not do it, it is very likely that in the future you will have to face fines, the insurance of your car, and even the deprivation of your liberty. TOPICS Chocolate carsUsed carsImports"
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