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  1. Thanks to all, great help. Ibarra I just don’t want to have Telmex. Telmex service, or lack thereof, for me is unacceptable! Really great help, appreciated.
  2. In many instances it is necessary to supply proof of address. In the case of husband and wife one put the CFE bill in their name, the other Telmex. If you elect to not use Telmex how does one of the two prove domicile? No longer are two names put on Telmex or CFE.
  3. Harry, it’s not about any specific location. Just a question about an overall non-secific observation. Thanks
  4. In housing areas close to the lake there are long lines of standing water. It seems to me the source of the water could only be a spring, broken/leaking water muni water line or household drainage or pool. They don’t seem to be absorbed into the ground. What building or buying home considerations should be taken into account? Thanks
  5. Your tag says USD and the answer to that is no! I get no interest on USD but 10-12 on MXN.
  6. If it works please be kind enough to share the name and contact info for the techie, thanks
  7. Rckrckr thank you. Got it working and it is efficient and impressive. Ibarra Telcelmenso is my word for the workers at the Telcel office. Never have had a successful outcome dealing with them. Thanks for trying.
  8. Telcel accepts input to pay monthly bill. For my wife. Not mine, well once and a while it does but usually no. So this 123 service is of interest but not comfortable leaving an open credit card with such an unknown service. Thoughts please
  9. Is there not an ombudsman position to bring public complaints to the ears of bureaucracy?
  10. Is there a sales and installation outlet here from which to obtain a water level gauge for aljibe or tinaco? Thanks
  11. Anyone have name and contact info for an advanced architectural student locally?
  12. Which is better Go Solar or Opiere oor other? Your opinions appreciated
  13. As always the answer lies with the vialidades and how they can be encouraged to do their jobs. I would think any liaison between citizen concerns and government bureaucracy should be contacted.
  14. A Belgian is an athletic dog with a high prey drive. The Malnois is used frequently in police work it requires a lot of socializing to be a canine good citizen. Which of the 4 Belgians do you have? What training are you looking for? Obedience, Schutzhund, or ? I ask because to train a dog it’s necessary, imo, to train the handler as well.
  15. “BTW Dr. G charged $50 ten years”. Missed a 0 Maryanna. 20 years ago he was 300 then went to 500. I don’t think my pension grew that much in the same perod.
  16. p (will keep CFE meter and account as a fallback option). when you install solar cfe will change your meter to a solar meter. So I may not understand your question.
  17. I have always used S&S Auto and more than happy with them.
  18. I’d ask S&S auto. I’d sell thru them as well. Of course different strokes for different folks.
  19. Spending some research time on the internet should lead you to some considerations. Such as: length of deck - width - motor size and perhaps manufacturers. Then talk to the chap in el grullo or other sources.
  20. Anybody have recommendations for Architect Oscar Chavez Orozco of Lake Chapala.com
  21. Looking for contact information for anyone on the HOA Board of Directors of Coto Luna in CieloVista. Thanks
  22. Paco Loco please pm me. Your site doesn’t receive PM’s. thanks
  23. I used to use Karmina Palace and quite liked it. All inclusive. Haven’t been to ZLO in a few years tho.
  24. I hope this comes to pass! Gray water discharge to sit on on the street is unacceptable in a modern affluent country.
  25. There are men running these programs that shouldn’t be allowed to play with matches - to paraphrase Will Rogers
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