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  1. My wife just found a local massage therapist that she likes a lot. Nely Navarro, 331-229-2163. She has a facility on the carretera just east of Calle Colon in Ajijic, OCE No 2. Apparently she has been doing massage for 16 years. She charges 600 pesos for an hour of relaxing (Swedish) massage, more for therapeutic mssages. My wife would like you to check her out if you are looking for a massage.
  2. Are you in the process of running into a "brick wall"? What pack do I belong to?
  3. Reality is knowing that what is is and what isn't isn't. Perceiving the difference is important to survival. Reality is what happens when you run into a brick wall that you thought was a mirage.
  4. Nope, he/she is just another person who deals with reality.
  5. Or maybe Flu cases being recorded as Covid 19 cases. My understanding is that medical facilities get paid more for Covid 19 cases, so it stands to reason.
  6. You obviously being one of those that can tell the difference and have self-identified as an "adult".
  7. Where is Dra. MarilĂș located? There is no indication on her Facebook page.
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