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  1. Perhaps they are too busy so corners are getting cut? I know a number of people who are really happy with his work, sadly that was not my experience.
  2. I went to Oscar based on recommendations here, and was unhappy with the work. He said he couldn’t get upholstery tacks, couldn’t reuse the existing ones on the chair pads so we agreed to staples. They did not remove the old fabric from the chair pads, in fact they didn’t remove the tacks either, they just covered the new fabric over the tacks. Looks very half assed and on top of that they “misplaced” the 4 extra meters of fabric that was left over so I couldn’t have it redone unless I purchased new fabric. I should have gone to Vegas on the highway in Ajijic.
  3. I agree ibarra. I feel part of the issue is they not selective enough. Plenty of items there have missing buttons, stains, peeling, stretched out, too worn etc. Those items should not be accepted for consignment in my opinion. They put some shabby stuff on the racks while good stuff is sitting in bags for months at a time in a back room somewhere. I hardly go there now for that reason.
  4. LEVY HOLDING OPENS FIRST LATITUDE MARGARITAVILLE INTERNATIONAL DESTINATION This will be what was formerly La Pueblita. https://blog.margaritaville.com/2023/04/levy-holding-opens-first-latitude-margaritaville-international-destination/
  5. Contact NOMAD, the furniture store in Riberas, they have packing and moving services. They packed up our place at Lakeside, stored our items and then took our stuff to our place in Guad and unpacked everything. We were impressed with them.
  6. Dr Ramon Garcia has been our cardiologist for 5 years now. He’s very experienced, also works with his son Dr Ricardo Garcia who’s office is in Guad, Ricardo comes to SAT once a week, they do work as a team sometimes so it’s like getting 2 doctors in one. Anytime we’ve needed to get in touch with either Garcia it’s never been a problem. Called him once early on a Sunday morning, and he met us within half hour of our call.
  7. I second Francisco, he usually responds quickly, will pop by and give you a quote and make arrangements to come back to trim. They’re responsive, efficient , knowledgeable and more reasonably priced than Chapala Tree Services.
  8. I like Cristobal, he’s pretty quick to respond, knowledgeable and reasonable, he speaks English as well but keep in mind, for many of us, face to to face communication in another language is more productive than over the phone. I usually send him a whatsapp, he responds the same day and sets up a time to come. His number on whatsapp is (or drop the +52) and that’s his cell number. +52 33 3477 8690
  9. I noticed yesterday 3 neighbors in lower SAT getting water delivery. I was driving so couldn’t stop to ask. Checked our ajibe when I got back and it’s getting low, and it’s always full. I checked simapa Facebook and there’s no notices about water interruption or work in progress. Anybody heard anything?
  10. “Jess”, your racist undertones and insults are not helping your cause at all. Not one tiny bit. As a matter of fact, you sound like troll. Not feeding this troll anymore. ✌️
  11. You’re the one sounding self righteous, you’re pointing a lot of fingers and making sweeping statements inferring others are misogynistic, ignorant and lack respect for the law when others are simply saying they’ll follow along with what people in their employ wish to do. I think you’re missing the point.
  12. I’m quite confident employees will figure out for themselves what’s best for them and their personal situations. No need for “guests” to educate them on social policy.
  13. I haven’t read anybody saying anything like that on this forum. Most people want to comply, moreover, most people want to comply with their employees’ wishes. It’s not anyone’s place to interfere with their personal business. If they do or don’t want to enroll in the program their wishes should be respected. And “guests” of this country are tourists and that label doesn’t apply to most contributors on this forum. FYI.
  14. Well, thank you for the comedy and the drama 😎😆
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