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  1. Our sweet senior dog has arthritis in her back right knee. She often favors it some days, hopping around on three legs. Other days she’s bouncing around like a young pup. Her bouts of pain and favoritism are getting longer. Our vet who we adore says feed her a special high quality diet to the tune of 3000 pesos a month. Forgive my skepticism, but I don’t think that’s necessarily an effective treatment. Have you tried CBD for arthritis treatment for your dog? Does it work? Is there any other forms of treatment you’ve tried that have worked for your dog? I appreciate to hear your advice and experience. Thanks in advance.
  2. Was at the same Costco again early this morning, parking lot was almost full and people inside lined up all the way to the very back again. The lines moved very fast, they’re so well organized, they know what they’re doing. Honestly you would think they were giving things away for free, it was so busy. Clearly, for many families, Costco offers the best value. They switched up the store layout again, just to keep us on our toes I guess. There’s lots of furniture and home goods there right now if anyone is looking for such items. Also, an employee mentioned next month there will be discounts on tv’s and electronics as the new models are arriving soon and they are marking down current stock to make room for the new items. Happy shopping!
  3. They are phasing out the iPhone 6 unfortunately. Apple announced at the beginning of the year that IOS 15 is the all this model can support with limitations and eventually apps will stop working. Perhaps consider an iPhone 8 or up.
  4. Also available on Amazon Mexico. I’ve never had an issue returning things with amazon here. A little suggestion, open the delivery box or envelope with care so that if you have a return, you can tape it up and reuse the same packaging as often the delivery guys don’t have extra envelopes or boxes when they come to pick up returns.
  5. Is IMMS and pension payments enrollment starting in 2023? Will the contributions be over and above their wages or taken from a percentage of their wages? Anybody know how this program might work? I wouldn’t want it to impact their take home pay so curious how the system will impact that.
  6. I don’t take my dog to a restaurant just for the hell of it but if we’re out walking and I stop for a bite to eat, she sits under my chair and naps. She doesn’t bother anyone and she doesn’t make a sound. I don’t want to listen to somebody’s yappy dog in a restaurant nor do I want to see someone’s dog being fed at the table in a restaurant. I have no problem with well behaved children or dogs in a restaurant. 😎
  7. I agree with the OP. And would like to throw my vote in for no blocking of intersections. 😎
  8. Traffic, temperature and water pressure are all relative, lol. I think if one is new to the area and traffic is “as is”, it probably doesn’t seem like a big deal. For those who’ve been here longer/longish they most likely notice the increase in travel time. Not for nothing, but the installation of the bike path seems to have had a big impact on the flow of traffic. I think the bike path is a great addition to lakeside but it does come with trade offs. What would once take me 10 minutes for 3kms now can take up to 30 minutes in peak traffic times. A friend who lives in Chapala centro and works in west Ajijic says it takes him 40 minutes to get to work at noon time and 10-15 minutes to get home from work in the evenings after 8pm.
  9. Arrived here this morning right at 10am, lines all the way to the very back of the store. I’m not sure I’ve seen it this busy in here before. The lines are moving well, shelves are well stocked. Lots of people Christmas shopping and buying food for upcoming posadas. Unusually busy for this time of day. The holiday rush has officially begun!
  10. Chapala Haciendas would be an area to consider. Also Vista del Lago near the Chapala Golf & Country club. San Nicolas and Santa Cruz are out that way too. Riberas Del Pilar is a residential area between San Antonio Tlayacapan and Chapala that is centrally located and relatively quiet compared to the village proper. Many people like living in west Ajijic, areas like Las Palmas, La Cristina, Las Fuentes although traffic getting into Ajijic can be quite heavy. April to September is a more ideal time to look for a full time rentals. Good luck to you and happy travels!
  11. With upmost respect, if you’re renting, I suggest you consider moving to a quieter neighborhood. Your location is close to all the action and that’s not going to change.
  12. Countless posts on Facebook of folks looking to come here to check out the real estate. Scores more of posts of people retiring and moving here full time. Certainly a lot of building going on in the village. I’ve noticed several derelict properties/homes that have been uninhabitable for decades now undergoing construction in San Antonio and Riberas. A friend who’s a local agent told me their agency had 17 closings in October. Will be interesting to see how all this unfolds. Certainly feels like Lakeside is going through a growth spurt right now.
  13. It’s a pain being fumigated, I find it an annoyance however a necessary evil. I try to do it the least amount of times possible which usually works out to 3-4 times a year. Some years it’s been more due to construction nearby.
  14. I use my Mexican cell phone all the time when I travel to the US and Canada. Only one time did I go over my data limit and had to buy extra data, even then the expense was minimal. Only obstacles I found was not having a local number to receive local calls and making calls to 800 numbers.
  15. That’s for sure. I’ve wondered how those that invested into the Radisson Blu development have fared. My friend told me they are getting interest payments on their investment which I hope is the case but how long can that go on with the developer still in jail? Too bad about La Pueblita, it had the potential to be a revolutionary project here at Lakeside, sorry to hear they couldn’t find success.
  16. Thanks for for the heads up Mainecoons, it’s much appreciated! Looking forward to the Féria after the long pause.
  17. Dr. Ramon Garcia Garcia and his son Dr. Ricardo Garcia are both cardiologist that we feel very comfortable to recommend. They often work together as a team, coordinating care between Lakeside and Guadalajara for patients that may need to go to Guadalajara for a procedure. Garcia Sr works out of San Antonio hospital, his fee is $1000 pesos for a visit. Garcia Jr comes once a week to see patients, on Thursdays I believe. We worked with both of them, their follow up care was very good and they provide their patients with their personal cell numbers so you can get in touch with them at any time. We once called at 8am on a Sunday and saw Garcia Sr within half an hour. Good luck to you with your search.
  18. Sounds pretty dramatic. I doubt anyone is going to shrivel up and cry because they heard their doctor might be retiring soon.
  19. I read it but who knows, he may give it a glance later on once he’s over the shock of getting some unnecessary and unhelpful responses.
  20. There’s some facebook groups that could most likely provide you with some helpful information. I think there’s one called Lake Chapala Kids, maybe try Mujeres del Lago group, also Gringos Ajijic Lakeside. There’s a lot more young expat families here in the last 5 years or so and they’ve created their own little network of resources, I think Facebook would be a good channel to connect with them. Happy travels to you and your family.
  21. Friends left Mexico by land, crossing at Nuevo Laredo. They got lost and looped around several times trying to find the correct bridge, in their confusion, they did not visit immigration before they left Mexico. They are permanent residents here returning to Mexico by air. Anyone know what the re-entry process might look like for them? I suggested they call their immigration attorney and ask but they’re both very hard of hearing and not very tech savvy. Thanks in advance for your guidance!
  22. User friendly and popular are not the same thing.
  23. Well paint me skeptical but I’m not buying that it will be easy to use this program here in Jalisco. So much red tape and triple stamping with government procedures. Hopefully those that try will find success!
  24. Imagenologia Diagnostic Testing Specialists in Plaza Interlago. I think they don’t accept cash or maybe they only accept cash, I can’t remember, so you may want to clarify that.
  25. The website is ajjicrolfing.com, there’s a cell number there as well as the local number and an email.
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