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  1. Can a Corporate Check in Canadian funds be deposited here?
  2. Thanks, I’m on the way!
  3. whats a decent restaurant with indoor warmth for early morning breakfast?
  4. Any comments on SIAS Tech on Hidalgo near iShop. Camera is EZVIZ. Thanks
  5. Eric Miramontes seems to have given up on this security venture. John, have you information he’s still active and how to contact?
  6. What cleaning company? Contact info? Prices? Experience?
  7. Loved leticia’s service but las I contacted 2 men came in her place allegedly the son had taken over. Price to clean just over 1000 sq ft was over 2000 pesos. Further attempts to contact leticia failed. Now it appears business to has failed do to very poor management or lack of interest
  8. Thanks cybert. Hopefully will get through soon to his phone line. Appreciate the recommendation and information. Now we have 2 cleaning services 1 good 1 not so good. I don’t know of any others so fingers crossed
  9. Did you find a service? I found the Leticia run Spring Clean that exceeded expectations to no longer has Leticia involved. The result from my having the two lads over resulted in $2,800 pesos for an area they measured at about 1000 sq m. I brought in a main for comparison and, at 100 pesos per hour the bill was$8,000. so hoping to find a new service has opened up to replace Spring Clean.
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