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  1. cstone

    Chicken thighs

    I order mine from CostCo.
  2. Message sent.
  3. Take a pic and post to classifieds and let us know to go and check things out. Put $$, too.
  4. Many places online ship to Mexico. Go to their websites and look to see if they ship to Mexico. I have no idea how much additional customs/fees it might be, though.ColdWater Creek, Talbot's, just check through all the sites and look for international shipping.
  5. Fred, You can also contact Julie and Wayne Hensley. They are specialists in garage and estate sales. In addition, there are a number of local sites on FaceBook that sell such items. Another possibility is to approach some of the nicer "boutique" shops in Ajijic that cater to tourists and see if they might buy them from you.
  6. For my GP, if it is an urgent matter, I call to find out if he is in, and if so, I just go in and wait. Otherwise, I make an appointment within the week. I have never waited longer than that. He has also made evening house calls when my husband could not travel to his office, and it was not "ambulance/ER" worthy. For my orthopedist, if I use the one at the Ajijic Clinic, it's dependent on the day of the week that he is there and his surgery schedule. Usually a week, because he is there 1x a week. For my GDL orthopedist who is either in his office or in surgery, it depends on his schedule. For non emergencies, 1-1.5 weeks, and they will call me if there is an opening earlier. Dentist - We schedule cleanings, etc., in advance, but in an urgent need, she will open up her office immediately. It helps that she lives in the neighborhood behind us, but I have heard the same about most dentists. For routine fillings, crowns, etc., an appointment is usually available within the week. For more complicated work that requires the assistance of an oral surgeon who will come n from GDL, usually a week. My ophthalmologist can usually fit a person in within one week, at most 1-1.5 weeks. He does surgeries and on occasion has emergencies. I had a retinal detachment in progress and he saw me withiin 30 minutes, asking the room full of patients heading to GDL for surgery to please be patient, that he would be about 40 minutes late for all of them, but it might save my eyesight. It did. He saw me on a Friday morning and I was in surgery the next Monday morning. Had I not eaten breakfast, I would have been whisked to the eye center in GDL and operated on ahead of his cataract patients. Hope that helps .
  7. I have had 3 foot surgeries with Dr. Gustavo Tafoya Arreguin, Puerto de Hierro Sur, GDL. His specialty is traumatological orthopedic surgery. I am very pleased and highly recommend him.
  8. We use camping lanterns. Ours use D cells and are so old they probably count as antique. I recently replaced one via Amazon. If you are interested in one just for reading and not for lighting a general area, look up "Beam and Read." They are hands free as they are for needlework, have an adjustable strap and tiltable beam for work placement. Love mine. In addition, I have a fully charged , lipstick sized charger for my phone. You might consider a rechargeable power back, too.
  9. I stayed at The Hangar Inn a month ago. Fine, basic, clean rooms. Shuttle service. We had to get a Covid test and instead of taking us to the airport, they took us to a testing place down the road and we were in/out in 20 minutes. I would stay there again.
  10. I find taxis quite reliable and a much more economical option to having a car. The trick is to develop good working relationships with several taxistas , plan ahead and tip well. I find the bus to be unreliable, overcrowded and the schedules totally unpredictable. I have lived in this house in SAT for 10 years now and used to ride the us wherever and whenever I wanted. Not now. Sometimes they stop, sometimes they don't/. Sometimes the wait has been as long as 40 minutes. I just waited it out on that one to see how long it took. I typically walk to destinations with 1 mile +/-, but a bum knee has put a kink in that manner of getting about. If you can plan ahead, it almost always works out.
  11. Contact Nursing Home Lake Chapala S. C. +52 376-766-0404 Paseo del Lago, Col. Riberas del Pilar, 45906 nurhome14@gmail.com A friend's husband is receiving excellent care there. I'm guessing $1800-2,000USD/month + meds.
  12. Hubby and I and our cleaning lady all wear New Balance shoes. We both have narrow feet, she has wide feet. I order our usual sizes, usually replacing the shoes we already have in our closet. I order from Amazon USA. No problems.
  13. I just sent my Rx and a new set of frames with plastic "demo" lenses off to a lens company in the USA. I wear trifocals. I CANNOT wear progressives. This lab in the US does make lined trifocals. Sent it off Tuesday at FedEx. DHL refused to take them as they were "medical " equipment. Remember, these frames have plastic lenses with no Rx, just what you see when you try on a pair in the shop. Yesterday I received a call from Customs in the USA. They said I needed some sort of certificate of attestation, a certificate stating the origin of the frames, and wanted to know the reason I was sending them there. Unfortunately, the call dropped and I wasn't able to reconnect. I went to FedEx this morning to try and clear things up. She looked in the computer and it shows the frames are in Memphis. I have no idea what Customs wants or why. Ajijic FedEx will contact the Memphis FedEx office on Monday to see what is going on. I wonder what they think I am sending new frames, a Rx, instructions and a note to a lens making lab for ? Seems pretty obvious to me ! Now I just hope I do not lose the new frames to the black hole of customs. Be careful.
  14. Are you offering to pay fees and costs for your dog or for anyone willing to make the trip? I'm assuming you are looking for a Canadian returning home and are willing to pay fees, etc., associated with the extra cost of the dog. If Canada lets me in, (US Citizen) 1 vax no boosters, I'd make the trip for you.
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