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  1. In times of stress it is sometimes difficult to do "the right thing"...whatever that maybe. Just a interesting observation, I do not think the Cruz Roja Paramedics are "qualified" to pronounce the death of a patient, that's is the Doctors job. Perhaps they should have called the patients Doctor or taken him to the Clinic to be pronounced dead by a Doctor on duty?
  2. I think we can all agree that the WalMart inter section is another classic "Design to Failure" , by The Authorities"...... But this is one of many at Lakeside.. The whole area needs to be re-examined... and a master plan prepared for enhanced traffic control...but until one of "The Gods" gets involved we all better be prepared to "suck it up". I am surprised there have not been more "incidents" on the cycle path, which also seem to be a fast lane for moto cycles!!. I would be interested in where all the traffic is coming from and going to...It all can not be the "locals" At this rate Lakeside must be getting ranked as one of the most polluted (Noise & Exhaust Fumes) areas. ....but "they" still flock here
  3. I am sure that there are significant number of Mexicans who fed up with the excessive noise and celebrating, many of these celebrations are totally out of control and lost their original intent
  4. Maybe not the perfect answer, but I always have bought good quality mattress via Julie/Wayne's yard/ home sales
  5. I agree with your observations. When you come to think about how many "Local Mexicans" have the ability/desire, to cater to the whims of the "Gringo Group". I can think of Pancho, Tango, Yves, Manix, Casa Linda,.........And I am sure you have many more to add......
  6. It doesn't seem that long ago that was the price we were paying to see a specialist
  7. Given his know predictability for leaving us..I am surprised there was no news in the obituary column of the Guad Reporter..or did I miss it?
  8. Beginning to sound like a list for All Saints Day...who ever they are RIP....its been a fun ride
  9. Your comment.. if anything goes wrong we are opting to return to the U.S....is often made by other people, including myself. However if it is some "catastrophic" we are likely to be stuck here until we get the doctors release...this is the elephant in the room with having MedaVac insurance.
  10. My experience with Dr Moya when he had an office only in Joco, I found him "very" expensive . Perhaps things are different now...or not The glass place has to be paid for! Its difficult to shop around when your having a heart attack!!
  11. The local Transito , works for me
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