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  1. I hope its "early" like the 11th June
  2. Is the guy Steve still offering 400 channels plus still in business. Your bandwidth seems critical to decent reception
  3. Wow now that is what I call adventurous, relying on the MX mail to be delivered in a timely manner for your tax preparation.
  4. Ibrarra I think before the days of the computer your non sharing observation was correct, but now every department has easy access to all your information
  5. With respect SunFan there are only certain locations where decent water can be found...and Riberas is not one of them period. Sometimes luck trumps science. Time and time again pumps burn out due to a lack of maintenance ......again I don't think "maintenance or competent" is a word in the Mexican SIMAPA or CFE playbook' Water is a scarce commodity at Lakeside and we all need to use it carefully...unless you have "gray" water, watering lawns is not a good idea. Maybe down the subterranean bowels of Chapala City Hall, there is a master plan for Water Conservation!!!
  6. With respect, you are comparing Apples with Oranges. As you say Chula Vista has its own well and takes care of its maintenance. Location can play a major part in finding decent-quality water. Anything that Chapala SIMAPA has to look after is a total failure, maintenance does not figure into running their system. Like CFE preventative maintenance is not in their playbook, (or the Mexican dictionary) run it till it breaks down, period, then look for parts that are not in their inventory!!!
  7. I never have luck using the search feature..I am looking for the phone number of Attorney Guillermo, I know he works for Noteria in Ixallcation??? Thanks
  8. They may have been good builders , but building a house on a high water lot with no main sewer system is crazy. If Chapala City had any sensible planning department no houses would be built there..but what the heck this is mx so lets go with the "flow". I was happy to make a few bucks. Ferret i have 5 lots in FI you want to buy?
  9. Maybe for you yes, for others not so easy
  10. I never understand why having documents Apostolic is necessary, if you are born " overseas" it's a big pain to obtain stuff. I guess another layer of burocrcary. Do the USA and Canidian have similar requirements?
  11. I have every emphy for Kemezer but it was a infraction, I am surprised that the Transio took the license plate. That was a practice the police did many years ago. Was it a MX plated car?
  12. Ferret you must be one of the few folks who have not "had problems ", but if you say so....Besides the regular city water, lower Riberas has " problems " with a high table water and differculty to dig foundation's without ingress of some water. I can never understand why the city allows many houses to be built there, but this is Mexico and Riberas is one of the "hot" and affordable areas, what do I know. Way back I bought a couple of lots for 35pesos sq mt, wish I had bought more!!!
  13. Kayta in Chapala has been very good for us, with regular deliveries and a helpful delivery guy.
  14. I hope they include bus driver's, regardless of age
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