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  1. Maybe not the perfect answer, but I always have bought good quality mattress via Julie/Wayne's yard/ home sales
  2. I agree with your observations. When you come to think about how many "Local Mexicans" have the ability/desire, to cater to the whims of the "Gringo Group". I can think of Pancho, Tango, Yves, Manix, Casa Linda,.........And I am sure you have many more to add......
  3. It doesn't seem that long ago that was the price we were paying to see a specialist
  4. Given his know predictability for leaving us..I am surprised there was no news in the obituary column of the Guad Reporter..or did I miss it?
  5. Beginning to sound like a list for All Saints Day...who ever they are RIP....its been a fun ride
  6. Your comment.. if anything goes wrong we are opting to return to the U.S....is often made by other people, including myself. However if it is some "catastrophic" we are likely to be stuck here until we get the doctors release...this is the elephant in the room with having MedaVac insurance.
  7. My experience with Dr Moya when he had an office only in Joco, I found him "very" expensive . Perhaps things are different now...or not The glass place has to be paid for! Its difficult to shop around when your having a heart attack!!
  8. The local Transito , works for me
  9. A 500 Peso "tip" and it would be gone in a week
  10. When I put a "stick" in the ground it grows
  11. Really do we/I care about what happens in France. This issue seems to have been around for ever...and more "regulation" will provide more reason to work through a "manager" and employ people on a "Independent contract." basis.
  12. Rumor has it they are practicing for Christmas, The Nutcracker Suite
  13. Trust me, many well-heathy people retire all the time....in fact that is the best time to retire
  14. You should also open every egg carton you buy in case you have one missing.... or one too many
  15. Chatting on this forum about processes and proceedings is not foolproof, if in dought contact your state officer
  16. Buying anything "electrical " and expecting to return it can be problematical, due to unseen damage, I would not buy a "opened" package....Would you?
  17. Wow I didn't realise it was such a different question..Is there no-one out there that uses a rent a manager?
  18. There are probable 6/8 places around and you should go visit each one to see for your self and based on others recommendation make a choice. The "problem" with each is the limited English spoken. But most will give the patient lots of tender loving care
  19. Maybe get St Andrew to put a curse on him and his Cohetes
  20. Well I do thank you for that extra reminder. But my earlier comments are still valid...use it or lose it...God bless you my dear
  21. For my 2 cents I think every financial institution has some obligation to exchange information as requested. But go to the particular bank and ask it would educate all of us. I am not Canadian and maybe their "tax system" is not as intrusive as the USA IRS
  22. Folks if you need constant reminding or "outside" help to file your ballots ,does this indicate the real interest you have for casting your vote???
  23. In case you have forgotten, the Gladiator fights are not taking place in Rome!!
  24. Whilst they maybe "Part of Mexico" I would suggest that they have gotten Louder and go on Longer.. "then before". Many local Mexicans also hate the noise and the excess spending that takes place. Much like the music at weddings, louder is better ...forget the quality of sound distortion
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