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  1. Dear Clients, We no longer work at Angie’s Salon. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. This was not planned but we will send you our new address as soon as we can. Thank you for understanding Receive this message two days ago.
  2. Copied from a Facebook page. Hello community My neighbor, Dennis Marshall Mc Cann, passed away. I am very sorry for your lost if you knew him. He lived in San Antonio de Tlayapacan on Jesus Garcia near the malecon. I know very little about him, I do not believe he had family here, but he was a very kind man who loved dogs. He had two on his own. I’ve talked to the police and they will bring them to Ecologia in Chapala. I am unable to take care of them and I’ve asked Annette and all fosters home are full. I am concern of what will happen to them and I am hoping to find someone who would be interest to take care of them. If there is any chance you know Dennis or you want to take /foster his dogs, please let me know. Here's a pic of one of them from afar. Thanks, Cami
  3. There is a small florist shop about 5 stores to the right of super lake. Very nice people.
  4. Fishing club met at Don A Lola 9am.
  5. Can you get a small bottle of cooking sherry anywhere?
  6. I can get by with cooking sherry. 🤗
  7. Has anyone seen shaoxing wine in the area ?
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