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  1. For the month of April, Simply Joyful will be encouraging its diners to help Cruz Roja Chapala to continue its services to Lakeside. Every month between 1000 and 1500 patients are treated at the 24/7 clinic and +/- 150 ambulance emergency services are rendered. On Thursday, April 27 from 5-7 a spaghetti dinner with salad bar will be served at Simply Joyful to raise much needed funds. All proceeds will go to Cruz Roja, tickets are 500 pesos and available at Yoly's in Buganbilias plaza, Simply Joyful or call 376 766 4990 .
  2. Does anyone know if the office has reopened....was closed as of nov 29..also where can I pay the fee
  3. Does anyone repair and balance ceiling fans in the área? TIA
  4. Donnie I'm having the same problem as you with a new I phone. I' ve found manual but they assume I already know things that I don't so I keep thinking what? Did you have success?


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