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  1. In the early 2000's, there was a lot written about San Miguel de Allende and it's water situation so, after living there for nine years, we left in 2005 and moved to the coast. Moved back inland in 2011. Guess what? San Miguel is at least four times as big and they are still chanting about water shortage. Sit tight because this IS the best climate. Just time your need to be out and about before 10:30 and especially on weekends.
  2. Do you think it will be a ribbon or a length of hemp rope?
  3. The other thing to consider, is that many handicapped people do not necessarily own their own vehicle. My mother-in-law was one of them BUT she did have a handicapped placard and put it on the dashboard of any vehicle that was transporting her... including taxis.
  4. https://lakesidenewschapala.com/2023/04/25/margaritaville-makes-it-official-it-is-coming-to-the-former-la-pueblita/
  5. Sea, puedo hablar español. He reportadolo dos o tres veces que mi nombre no esta correcto. Ni modo, porque tengo una cuenta con CFE en mi nombre. Estoy solamente frustrado que hay un error con algo tan facile.
  6. It would be so much easier if they just hired a data entry person who wasn't dyslexic.
  7. My name was also misspelled with TotalPlay... two errors of which they corrected one. WTF?
  8. The Covid forum was removed by a moderator. Reason given was that Covid is over.
  9. Ya mean he's not relying on just Milagros any more?
  10. My stepson is licensed to grow Medical Marijuana on Saltspring Island, B.C. He has a very small batch operation and uses alcohol extraction. Because his batches are so small, he finds the pricing ($300.00 Canadian) prohibitive. Thanks so much for the link. Do you know how long they've been doing this particular testing of cannabinoids?
  11. https://cbdfx.com Please be aware that not ALL products on the site are available here. If you are looking for lab results on individual products, please scroll to the bottom of the first page of the site and click on CBDfx Lab Results. Then choose the product that you're interested in and read their detailed report. BTW, this same kind of information is availabe from NuLeaf Naturals which is not available in Mexico. Both companies' products have helped me. 220506N005-002 Certificate of Analysis (cbdfx.com)
  12. CBDfx products are made from hemp that is grown and produced in the United States and the CBD is extracted using CO2.
  13. I hope this helps. When you go to https:www.walmart.com.mx look to the upper left of your screen. Beside the Walmart, (when using Edge as your browser) there is a small drop down arrow "v". Click on it and choose Walmart/Walmart Express desde 60 min. Todos los productos de la tienda. Using Firefox as a browser, you are offered it right on the main screen without having to use the drop down menu. Then log in if placing an order. When you finally go to check out, one of the choices under Payment is the following box... choose "CASH on delivery" payment. I always pay cash because I always choose "No substitutions" and prices change etc. Besides, for some reason they will not accept my Canadian credit card for payment but they do accept it in the store. Go figure. I love having things delivered right to my door and always within the one hour time frame... and the frozen things are always still frozen.  Payment  Manage your payment methods Decide the best way to pay for your order. Cash on delivery Cash payment $685.00 Change payment method
  14. LOL! Tickety boo, hunky dory, damn fine splendid, feelin' fine are all interchangeable.
  15. I have been using NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for 5 years now but it has become a P.I.T.A. to get it since Alex Peterson no longer picks things up at the border to bring here. I used NuLeaf because it is third party tested. Third party testing means that another lab tests it for quality, purity, concentration... including testing for heavy metals, pesticides, fungus yada, yada, yada. No such labs currently exist in Mexico but do in the U.S. which is where both NuLeaf Naturals and CBDfx have their production facilities. So, for the past month I have been testing CBDfx on both myself and the pet variety (bacon flavoured) on my dogs. We are all just tickety boo and I am happy to tell you where and from whom you can purchase these products. Dr. Gabriel Garcia (whatsapp/cell phone 333-368-1915) is located in the Laguna Mall between the Scandinavian Bakery and Christine's Hair Salon. He is only there Tuesdays and Fridays from 10 until 2 but should be contacted via Whatsapp to order and for further information or to make an appointment (if you need it). He can send you a pdf file of the CBDfx products to which he has access. BTW, I ordered last Wednesday and picked up my order last Friday.
  16. There was no penalty when I renewed late by 5 months.
  17. And if your laser printer is telling you that you need toner, don't believe it for quite a while. Simply take the cartridge out and tilt side to side slowly then forward and back slowly. It will redistribute the remaining toner within the cartridge and you'll get quite a lot more printing out of it before you really need to replace it.
  18. This is for generic HP toner and El Tigre is the brand I buy. Amazon.com.mx : HP 107W Generic Toner I've never had a problem with it. You can also buy the new HP toner for the HP 107W from Amazon Mexico as well. I have mine sent to iShop so I don't wait in for delivery. I have not had good success with cartridges refilled locally.
  19. That's part of my normal routine. But I had to wait X number of years to shred my mum's and hubby's personal no longer applicable docs including 7 years of income tax filings for each of them. It was also recommended by Notario #2 to keep the docs on the sale of the Nayarit property for 7 years. It kinda all happened at once much to my dismay. In addition, the night before I was moving from La Huerta to Riberas, I had sorted various important papers on the dining table that were in a big desk. The skylight blew off in one of those torrential mid May rainstorms and completely soaked everything on the table. Not much was salvageable but everything was highly sensitive and very personal.
  20. Yup. Just take your time and have patience. I shred until the machine gets hot then go do something else. It's a painful process when you're shredding two giant green garbage bags full of personal paper but it's SAFE. Plus you can either toss the shreds or work them into your garden where they will decompose.
  21. Yes, a Nephrologist does come to Quality Care... Services & Staff - Quality Care (qcdoctors.mx)
  22. Yes, HSBC charges a fee when I use the Intercam Debit Card.
  23. My main banking is with the TD Bank in Canada and I happily use my Canadian debit card twice a month. I opened the Intercam account when I was searching for my new car. I wanted the money HERE so I could act immediately on a good deal (at a time when few vehicles were available never mind what I had set my heart on) without the hassle of international wire transfers etc. and it worked. Now I maintain the account as my "emergency" money. Pete Johanson will tell you that you only move money when the rate is most favourable to you personally. Canadian banks are VERY safe. I like safe.
  24. I like the newest Intercam Bank located in the plaza just after the last lights going west out of Ajijic. Friendly, good customer service and the reps all speak English. GOOD parking too. I tried to open an HSBC account in the Laguna Mall simply because it's the closest to me. What a nightmare! You don't have to actually go to the Intercam Bank once the account is open because you can use your Intercam debit card at the HSBC machines. I opened the account and top it up with a simple cheque written on my Canadian account. Intercam has also simplified checking your account online and they send you an e-mail once a month with clear instructions for accessing your account. It was Pedro (aka Happyjillin) who first peaked my interest in Intercam and I will be forever grateful. fyi, I dumped Actinver in 2014 fed up with our experiences there. Before Actinver bought Lloyds, it was a wonderful establishment. Now? Not so much in my personal experience.
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