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  1. The financing charges affect north of the border sales. Hard to sell a NOB home to be able to purchase a home in Mexico. It also happened in 2008.
  2. Scallions is in the Bugambilia Plaza. Across from the Bugambilia Plaza or across from Scallions is saying the same thing.
  3. Tinaco's are also life savers when the electricity is out. Gravity rocks!
  4. No. And I now have the Amigo plan which I topped up two days before I left.
  5. I used to use the drops on the parted hair but that requires another set of hands. Bravecto is not a pill. It is a tasty chewable that they think is a treat. Not only that but it works. Haven't seen or felt a tick or a flea in seven years.
  6. The mattress store west of Steren's does not sell sheets.
  7. This last time that I went to Canada, my phone worked BUT I was told that "Roaming" had to be turned on. Just be prepared to use up your battery charge more quickly. Search google for how to turn the roaming on for your particular phone and model. I was pleased that the phone worked because the previous time, when I didn't know about roaming, it did not.
  8. Nice catch ibarra! Went googling and found this... Running Stretch Belt - New Balance Not the same for sure but if you open the compartment (coin open I think) in the second photo, maybe it's a place to stash valuables while running or walking?
  9. I use Bravecto on my girls. Chewable and sized according to weight. Available at Friends of the Animals next to Ladron's Clinic in Riberas and other places. Bravecto is not for all dogs, please read about it online before you purchase. One chewable good for three months and it works for my girls. One Belgian Malinois 24 kg. and One German Shepherd 34 kg.
  10. Mari Chuy at Jazmin on Encarnacion Rosas. Behind Actinver and on the other side of the street from Farmacia Guadalajara. She has made a total of four sets of pinch pleated drapes for me and her work is exceptional.
  11. I feel badly for you but Telmex is Telmex. Over promise, under deliver and no customer service.
  12. I appreciated the heads up and could plan the route in advance for less hassle. I think that was the point of Mainecoons post.
  13. How sad. I hope they have met at the Rainbow Bridge.
  14. Or you can buy them on Amazon or Amazon Mexico. I find the USB sticks here to be of smaller sizing. You can get larger ones (32 GB or 64 GB or 128 GB etc.) on Amazon.
  15. Pedro passed away. October 24th. RIP.
  16. That was exactly my thought when I heard there was a new owner. Anyone who experienced the original owner might not know that it's changed hands since the name is still the same. Bad marketing move imho.
  17. Crap soil. I would suggest a visit to the Garden Centre in Riberas. Laura knows a lot about soil and making plants happy. So does Roberto of Chapala Tree Services. The soil can be amended.
  18. It's working for me.
  19. I would also suggest you find a GP who will be at your beck and call pretty much 24/7 for emergencies. Mine was Dr. Lastra who passed away. I will be seeing Dra. Carla Flores next week for the first time. She is located close to me in the area behind the plaza that contains the Sunrise Restaurant, Oxxo and IB Furniture on the highway in San Antonio. She is also well affiliated with all the Doctors at Quality Care from what I understand.
  20. Absolutely go to immigration first. American Airlines wanted the bottom half on October 5th. On my return, the immigration officer placed the top half in a neat pile and then stamped my passport. It's a work in progress.
  21. This is the thread that Ibarra wanted to post...
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