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  1. Thanks. I'll try that for sure. edited to add: deleted the attachments and came back here to check... still out of reactions.
  2. I suggest you phone either of them well ahead of your arrival here to make an appointment. Each of them is well booked in advance because, imho, their offices are the best. Dr. Haro... http://hectorharodds.com/ Dr. Barragan...https://www.facebook.com/ChapalaDentalCare/
  3. https://choosechapala.com/ajijic-town-murals/
  4. Watch the video that Jreboll posted at the bottom of page 9. I found it most enlightening. Appearances deceive.
  5. In the U.S., I believe that mortgage rate interest is deductible on your income taxes. That is not the case in Canada.
  6. No kidding. I wonder how many people demand to have food on the table or a roof over their heads or clothes on their back. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer and the banks make out like bandits.
  7. I have never understood the raising of interest rates to slow down inflation. Please explain. It seems to me that the only ones who benefit are those that have cash on hand and that isn't the people who are just getting by. Businesses can't expand and employ more people. Nobody buys houses so there are no furniture or appliance sales. Everything you want to buy, like a house or a car costs more. I still vividly remember the 70's in Canada when a house mortgage was 10% and a car loan was 19%.
  8. Yes, I have the main feed in one window and just Mazatlan in another window. The main feed will be showing all of the locations where there will be totality all the way up to Canada...if you want to keep seeing it over and over. Very cool and very safe.
  9. Totality is finished in Mazatlan and the sun is starting to appear on the right hand side. If you missed it, I believe that the next city that they will show Torreon, Mexico
  10. It's just about 3/4 way through in Mazatlan where it will be a total eclipse. Here it won't be total but the link that Ibarra posted is showing Mazatlan as it is happening NOW in the occasional pop up insert... along with lots of other places where it is going to happen as it happens.
  11. Strom White is closest to you. Also iShop
  12. Then the cental bank should get their priorities in order. Yes, I know how much the remittances are in U.S. dollars... and that translated to a whole lot less pesos than they were previously getting.
  13. Considering the huge quantity of U.S. dollars sent to Mexico in Remittances, the people who need that money are receiving far less... not good for them in addition to the inflation here. Also not good for tourism or exports. Amlo should realize this and take action. Opinions?
  14. So sad and pathetic that you have to comment on people buying from Walmart without knowing why or where else they shop.
  15. E-pura water states on their garafones and smaller bottles that the water does not contain sodium. That's important for anyone with hypertension. Reverse osmosis does the same thing but that probably wouldn't translate as effectively to the every day person. I also get E-pura garafones delivered by Walmart...part of my weekly order. I drink a lot of water.
  16. Gualberto Real and Son 331-026-5450 call or whatsapp. They are the ONLY repair service for large appliances that I recommend.
  17. No kidding. I don't need to be depressed on a daily basis.
  18. I use Lloyd as a broker for my car insurance (always have) and they represent a number of different insurance companies. When this subject first came up, I asked them about insurance per km and none of the companies that they represent offered it. Sigh. I gave up but wish you the best, I drive about as much as you do but, in the end, if something happened, it would happen within a very short radius of distance (and at low speed considering the traffic) so I think it would be more prudent to deal with a local agent who knows you and your driving habits. YMMV.
  19. Agree. And I also like Walmart delivery. You pick the one hour time frame and day when you want delivery and they are prompt and efficient. Cash paid at the door. Even medicines and frozen goods. The frozen things arrive at my house more frozen than if I had stood in line at the cashier. LOL. I still want to pick out my fresh veg and meats but delivery sure saves wear and tear on my back. These delivery services are the only good thing that came out of the pandemic. Love 'em all.
  20. Gourmet Garage no longer exists. What is left of that store has moved to the Laguna Mall opposite Christine's Hair Salon. Sorry, I can't remember the new name.
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