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  1. However, I thought CI Banco has always charged for an ATM transaction fee , no matter which debit card you use. But, Capital One still does not charge us, correct? I just don't want to get charged by each bank ( at both ends). The exchange rate hit hurts enough after we were used to a steady 20:1 for so long. Sounds like HSBC is more reliable for having its ATMs from running empty. You never know with CI banco -- so hit or miss. Banks suck, they just vary by degrees ( just like insurance companies) !!!
  2. Capital One does not reimburse ATM fees. They only allow you free ATM transactions if the particular bank is within their All Points system or something like that. Is Banorte and Santender in their system, or do you have to pay ATM fees for Capital one with them. About 11 years ago, Bank of America allowed free ATM use of Scotiabank, Santender and Banorte. About 6 months after I got down here, B of A pulled the plug on that. That is when I switched to Capital One 360 and never looked back. Unfortunately, the pool of ATMs available within their system has shrunk. I used to go to the casino ATMS in the same plaza. Then that became unreliable and they pulled the use of that . So, I have been stuck with CI Banco as the only ones not charging an ATM fee for CAptial one. CI Banco reliabilty of ATM money is extremely aggravating ! Glad we are retired to have time to waste ! Climate is great though, isn't it ???
  3. I have heard that Dr. Jorge Gonzalez's speciality is hip and knee surgery !!!
  4. Unfortunately, Walmart knows our choices on where to shop are limited. Hence, the lousy customer service and usually only two lines open. Now, at least they have the open self check out but you have to use a credit card. DON'T use a debit card. Not safe in MX or anywhere else, if you are smart !
  5. I still find Cendial behind Pemex in the plaza on the Libramiento to be the most decent price and very reliable -- normally results are back the same day if you are there before noon.
  6. Had another great dinner there last night. We had grilled Mahi-mahi with garlic and the Fettucini with Shrimp. The bad news is there was only one other table occupied there last night. This place deserves better. My main interest is that I am tired of seeing so many good restaurants going out of business! I mentioned to the owner, Jose, that he needs to market the place and stress that it is under his new management and better prices, compared to the previous Elegante. He told us about pushing a Sunday brunch menu from 10-1 pm, including a free mimosa with entree. Give it a try -- look at the menu on the wall outside his entrance at Constitucion 59, near the corner of Javier Mina. Phone is 376-766-1066
  7. Also, chat with Dr. Pepe Magana if Leilani does not work out.
  8. Not sure about Mulitva's 12.05 rate for 120 day note. I am seeing it listed as a 360 day note for that rate. Either way, I have several personal horror stories about Actinver and endorse Mulitva as a more respectable institution to do business with.
  9. I was diligent about maintaining water levels in mine, which I think led to it lasting 5 yrs. I guess our batteries are more antiquated here than in the States, where I think most are maintanance free.
  10. My Honda FIT battery was 5 yrs old today and decided to change it out. I compared LTH, Autozone and Orma. Ended up buying it at Orma since they had a better warranty for the price. Was about 260p more than LTH but a better warranty ( 4 yrs vs LTH's 3 yrs.). I asked the guy at Orma, while he was putting the new battery in, if Orma was better or worse than LTH. He said that LTH is a bit better battery but Orma has a better warranty plan.
  11. I saw an old thread from 2017 on where to purchase car batteries. I need a replacement for a 2016 Honda FIT. Any recommendations on who might have the best prices and service among: AutoZone, LTH, and Orma Auto Parts? Thanks.
  12. Dr Monica Ramos at Dermika is excellent ! 376-766-2500
  13. Down here, you are at high risk to put money down on a high rise place that has not already been built out. All I know is that I have been looking at that crane from a distance for several years. I hope it works out for those who have invested.
  14. Guess Mainecoons will not make it as a weather forecaster !!
  15. I got a scorpion sting about 10 yrs ago. I took a Benadryl and went to Cruz Roja. Dr. Sam Thelin was working at the time and said the good news / bad news is that the Benadryl would mask any harmful aspects of the bite, so he told me to lay there for about an hour. He came back after that period and checked my lips,eyes, and throat and said I was ok. Probably might be safer to have some antidote on hand for pets, though !
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