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  1. I thought in a previous thread that we were told that INM is not physically keeping the other half of the INM form when you return back to MX., because Guad Airport is part of a new experimental plan of not keeping the return portion. Think you need to show it upon your return , but INM not necessarily keeping the other paper portion that you are showing to them. Regarding the other statement about Sudafed, it has been a long time no-no to enter in the States or MX with it since it is used in making methamphetamine !
  2. Had heard the FIT model was curtailed in the US because they were pushing the HR-V model instead.
  3. However, Honda FIT will continue to be made and available in Mexico, isn't that true?
  4. However, this GR issue said nothing about exemptions. The reason that I posted it is because it states every privately owned vehicle plated in Jalisco is required to do this annual inspections, or else subject to fines beginning in January, 2023! Without any specific exemptions listed, I am still skeptical !! You know how often their rules change here. Maybe someone realized how much revenue they would be leaving on the table with exemptions, limited facilities to perform such inspections be damned !! That is what I am saying -- it all can change even BEFORE January, 2023--- despite it being "covered thoroughly a few weeks ago!". With this government, it could change in a matter of weeks !
  5. I was just with a friend who picked up a new Guad Reporter today. I saw the headlines indicating that Jalisco govt is now saying that privately owned cars with Jalisco plates are subject to fines beginning in January if not inspected. What happened to the announcement about 3 weeks ago exempting cars who are domiciled in areas of Jalisco with populations less than 100,000 people??? And, they were even willng to throw in a discount for people who were voluntarily getting their cars inspected, when they renew their license plates? Both of these make sense !! This article reiterated the locations of the current inspection facilities ( closest being Ocotlan) and which months to be inspected, correlated to the last digit on your license plates ( like the inspection process several years ago). Is the government here schizophrenic, have a bad memory , or just plain crazy ???
  6. I think Jubilacion is onto something that is accurate. That was my spouses experience at INM upon return to GDL airport.
  7. Same as it always has been -- you need to have to go to INM window at the airport and fill out same form. Make sure you put your Temporala or Premanente Visa number at the top of each half of the form. Whatever you do, do not lose the half they give back to you so you can get back into Mexico. Ironically, my spouse just returned and the INM officer at Guad Airport did not keep her bottom half when she returned--- they gave it back with passport and visa. She asked Customs person what to do and they just said, keep it. Some procedures are never the same in Mexico.
  8. We followed Rollybrook's formulas to a T and then printed all the details and peso amounts and made a copy for each of us ( the employee and us) to sign and retain. Did not need a lawyer !
  9. I found Gabby, not sure if she is at Farmacia Maskaras or next door, to always be playing pricing games with me. What I thought were good deals proved not to be once I shopped around. I normally buy most of my meds at Farmacia Guadalajara (FG) and quit playing her games ! However, this being Mexico, the prices for my meds are always jumping around even at FG -- mostly up !
  10. Luis Algarin --phone numbers are 332-340-7501 or 376-688-1354. Also does house calls ! Advertises in El Ojo Del Lago.
  11. I would go with Luis at the Lakeside Computershop, just west of Pancho's on the carretera in Riberas. He is very honest.
  12. I was able to get the tax removed recently on the American Airlines website. The key was when they ask you where you are a resident and say Mexico, that worked for us.
  13. A few years ago, I got a ripped bill from CI Banco ATM and they were not so kind about replacing it since I did not have an account there. Instead, I went to Mulitva where they replaced it without question.
  14. Tony's Meat Market in San Antonio, next to Superlake, is my favorite for fresh Italian sausage and currently at 120 p/ kg
  15. That first comment might be just speculation--that is a pretty vague observation to make that determination that it has been "abandoned!" I had heard from others that they were focusing on finishing certain building projects one at a time, since the coprehensive building did not seem to be making much progress. Then again, the key question is whether or not they have sufficient funding to complete the entire development? Doubtful that anyone on the board has a specific answer with information to confirm it.
  16. I thought Mainecoons addressed this same issue a few weeks ago?
  17. I think 1,000 p for teeth cleaning is way too expensive for here. VanParys is comparing US prices to here (and Vets are getting quite rich in the States, too). People fly down here from NOB for dental procedures. I have gone to Dr. Candy, actually Alejandra, her other dentist, cleaned and did a great job in January for 300 p. The only caution is not to have all the procedures she is recommending, following up after your cleaning. I would recommend her for cleaning, just cautioning that they are making a lot of money with the followup procedures.
  18. Thanks, I did find a place where you can do the attestation online, but thinking that having a printed document provides more security, especiallly with Volaris. Do they still have kiosks available to get the boarding passes? Has been quite a while since we flew Volaris. Thanks
  19. Hi: I know that as a US non-citizen, I still must submit an attestation along with my proof of Covid vaccinations when I fly Volaris to Dallas. Here is my scenario: I plan on doing check-in at their kiosk and will not have any check in bags, so I hope to avoid the long lines to the ticket agent. My specific question is this: can I give my proof of vaccination and attestation papers to the agent at the boarding gate, OR, do I need to stand in the long line for the ticket agent just to provide them these proof of vaccination and attestation documents? WHERE do I submit these documents? Thanks for your help !
  20. I agree with Happyjillin. I have had surgery with Dr. Valenzuela and multiple endoscopies with Dr. Daniel Briseno !! The two are top notch, one as a surgeon and the other as a Gastroenterologist and later is a good diagnostician. Zeb, you might not want to make such a petty comment on the webboard. Does not make you look too bright!!
  21. So, why don't we ever hear anything -- good or bad about Riberas Hospital? We don't even seem to hear comparisons between the two. Any stories on Riberas Hospital out there for us health consumers?
  22. With pool guys, you often get what you pay for. If you pay someone 100 p a visit , then expect to get shoddy upkeep and maybe spend 10-15 mnutes there when you need an hour spent on the pool. For something MC's pool size, hopefully he can find someone who spends the necessary time and the smarts for 200 p a visit.
  23. I spoke Spanish and was polite. It was not a problem at my end, but then why should someone have to explain their attitude on this thread ? Too many judgmental people. IT is what it is !!
  24. Yes, Mostlylost maps the bakery in Seis Esquinas correctly, Panaderia de Chelis.
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