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  1. Done this trip many many times. Stick to the cuotas and dont drive at night and all will be fine. The section between Culiacan and Los Mochis should always be travelled in good conditions during the day. Best/easiest crossing at Nogales is Mariposa. Enjoy beautiful Mexico and its people
  2. Hi, did you end up getting rid of you batteries and electronics

    1. MtnMama


      no, in process of moving and finally getting rid of old, probably dead, printers, no huge hurry

  3. Marketplace - plenty for sale outside guad if you can arrange delivery/or pickup and want to "participate"
  4. anyone wanna swap a large amount of pesos for USD? (I have USD)
  5. Hi Spencer. So what about people who are registered under "Régimen de las Personas Físicas con Actividades Empresariales y Profesionales". Will this regimen continue and is it only the Regimen de Incorporación Fiscal that is being abolished? Would it be possible for someone registered under the "Régimen de las Personas Físicas con Actividades Empresariales y Profesionales" to be eligible for the Regimen Simplificado de Confianza (RESICO)?
  6. Thanks. Actually I was looking for a local accountant who does Mexico taxes. Any Reccs?
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