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  1. Your shower. My Corgi loved to run in mud/snow puddles when we lived in the mountains NOB. I finally gave up trying to bath him outside and just took a shower with him.
  2. I misunderstood, I thought you needed a land-line type phone. A Telcel modem and the Por tu Casa service provides hat in addition to Internet.
  3. Another possibility (counter intuitive I know) is to get a Telcel modem. It plugs into an electric outlet so no wires to mess up and the modem includes a plug for a landline type phone. Mine has been incredibly reliable.
  4. A friend was making a turkey sandwich for lunch when the phone rang. When she came back in the kitchen, her Cornish Rex cat had jumped on the counter and stolen --- the lettuce. We decided it was the biggest single item so he figured it must be the most valuable.
  5. Call Julie Hensley. She has regular garage and estate sales that often include furniture so she can watch for what you want. 3339537583
  6. Casa de los Pies, Hospital San Antonio complex 376 688 4439. I have used both and highly recommend Casa de los Pies.
  7. I was there this afternoon and he was busy as usual.
  8. Gabby is at the Express farmacia next door to Maskaras. I have noticed that prices vary greatly depending on the brand. I always try for generic when possible and have found that overall Maskares seems to have the best prices.
  9. The phone listed in their ad in the Reporter for their new location is 376 766 6148
  10. THANK YOU FERRET. I now have a newly installed cheap plastic toilet seat from the local hardware store. 😍
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