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  1. Ikea in gdl will be opened till the end of the year. Most likely they will deliver to lakeside by then. Right now they deliver to addresses in gdl from the store from Mexico city, they don't have a pickup point in gdl right now.
  2. Best way is to leave your contact info with the clerk and ask him to pass it to the owner so he/she can contact you. That often worked for me. Most businessowners wouldn't be very happy if their info would be findable that easy.
  3. As I said I'm a (pretty big) seller on ML and between sellers of ML we share information, using the developers API it is possible to see the type of payment of the buyers.
  4. Could be, but most are products and prices that are for pretty much all kind of people. And in the group of other sellers it is pretty much the same experience. México is a cash country, but when it's about online shopping not that much anymore.
  5. Last time I checked about 90% of my sales on ML were with cards, very few with cash. So it isn't that much as you might think.
  6. Federal government implemented new speed limits for all Mexico last month. Local and state governments have one year to update all the signs. https://politica.expansion.mx/mexico/2022/05/19/estos-son-nuevos-limites-velocidad-2022
  7. This might be about a recent event on a tollway near Querétaro. https://www.heraldobinario.com.mx/tendencias/2022/5/23/asalto-en-queretaro-mas-de-300-automovilistas-sufren-robo-masivo-en-autopista-arco-norte-25878.html
  8. plugs to close your oil, or anticongelante etc. There are people arriving to the testcenters with milk bottle plugs on it
  9. caps, plugs or whatever they are called. English is not my first language.
  10. They do test the exhaust. We asked at the testcenter and the most reasons a car doesn't pass is the exhaust, leaking fluids and taps other then original caps. (Milk bottle caps etc) I didn't see them checking tires however. (center 009)
  11. For Ocotlán however I do get available times for pretty much every date. Sure you don't get anything? (Maybe turning off translator if you have it on will help?)
  12. Station 003 is often full lately as it is the only one on the western side of gdl. Only when you choose a date far away you will get times. If you want something faster choose station 009 easy to arrive to and plenty of available times in June
  13. One of the best climates, yes, but not perfect. These days are hot. Even Mexicans complain about these hot days. And Ferret wasn't complaining but giving suggestions how to keep your house cool which is more then helpful especially as lot of houses here don't have good insulation. If you see that as complaining you really must question yourself not other people.
  14. Twice a year is only for cars that are marked for heavy use, like taxis, buses etc. Cars with normal use only have to do it once a year.
  15. Yeah computer tech here too. Not sure why to bring that up? im aware facebook is everywhere on websites. So basically what your conclusión is what was i was saying, it depends on the brand/model of phone. Just don't go for some cheap phone which are heavily sponsored by some company just i said. I have android phones and never got any popup on any phone i have which this post was about and how to avoid them. But the number of ads on websites are basically the same on apple or android if i compare them on both type of phones, the origin of them i really don't care at all. If Zuckerberg has some billions more or less i couldn't care anything. If it wouldn't be him it would be some other evil company. It would be naïve to think apple doesn't make money with some kind of tracking/ads in some kind of way. Just choose your phone wisely whether it be android or apple which don't have any sponsored apps on it and you shouldn't have any ad popups. But i'm not going to limit myself switching over to apple just because to make sure zuckerberg makes a tiny bit less money as Stream suggested to do. Then just take dumbphone if you are that afraid of tracking or that some guy makes money from you using a smartphone.
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