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  1. My original post was unclear. I need the name and contact of the owner of the business as the clerk will not provide it.
  2. How to I get the name and contact information for one of the local businesses?
  3. What is the best time to go? I seem to remember it being really crowded last year.
  4. I do not remember what one needs to bring to pay the property taxes (besides money)
  5. Except they do not answer the phone or reply to e-mails. I have tried to reach him many times.
  6. This subject has nothing to do with my request.
  7. Sorry, but this is not what I asked for. You do not know my circumstances and what I requested is what will work for me.
  8. Thank you Ibarra. You understood my request perfectly. It seems others do not.
  9. This is not relevant to what I posted here.
  10. Sent message to Mod 3 and got to response.  Today again, I typed a response to a post and hit submit and it does not submit.

    1. chapalence


      You posted four responses on your only thread.

      Were there supposed to be more?

    2. moderator-2
    3. moderator-2
  11. I need to someone to help me with meals, groceries, errands. Take out will not work. If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
  12. Unable to contact Hugh Roberts, so he is probably out of the business. Any recommendations for international movers? I know there is one well known in our area, but looking for others.
  13. It was my mistake to post this in this section. Mod5 here. Moved it for you:)
  14. My car was stolen. Looking for a used car. Do not want it to be too new.
  15. AT& T is just not a responsive, customer service company. In Mexico, the philosophy of the business always seems to keep to keep the customer's money no matter who is responsible for a problem. I got a message on my phone that my service would end in one week when my contract states I paid until June of 2023. They are such $%&/()s there. They said my complaint was against the employee (Girardo Marquez Flores) who handled my transaction. Of course, I said that the problem was with the company and the theft of their employee is not my problem, but theirs. They said they could not modify the information in the computer! How ridiculous is that! It seems I will probably file a complaint with Profeco. In the meantime, I really have no option, but to start another contract. I will not go with Telcel as they are equally dishonest. One month they cut off my service claiming I made too many calls although I paid for UNLIMITED calls.
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