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  1. I never said not to travel, I simply offered a suggestion that could possibly save you time and money IF yo get into a situation such as happened recently. I fact, the idea can be used stand alone anyplace.
  2. After reading the recent stopping of many cars and bad-guys going from car to car taking cell phones/ wallets, etc, plus two dead "resistors" I', repeating a suggestion I made a few years ago. Carry a "bait" wallet/purse. Get an old wallet/purse and put in a few $20.00 notes and if you have, old/expired cards, etc. When the bad=guys come to your car, just hand them the bait. They are not going to go through the booty then-and-there. You can modify above as needed.Men can do this generally with the real wallet in a front pocket. Women, who are targeted most, can use a bait purse and have their must-carry in a fanny pack. Remember that anything stolen can be replaces. Don't resist, your life can't be replaced.
  3. have used Uber in the U.S. many times with the app. I don't recall using it here. I have read over the years either there are no Ubers in Chapala/Ajijic, or very few. I am going to need one for a few rides. My neighbor has said she uses a taxi, but I just found out she actually meant a Uber. She has his phone and calls direct. Anyway------ I did some checking and did a search for a couple of places I will need to go. I was puzzled by what I found. The prices were of course in Pesos, but except for one, the price was $.00. Only ondevehicle category was more, and that was a slightly longer ride at $21.oo. Anyone know what's happening or what I'm missing?
  4. Most of the BOD are expats. The problem is they don't understand the frac is a business and they do not know how to run a business. The attorney for the Frac is Mexican and makes promises he doesn't keep. The BOD signed two contracts that gave the frac no protections and they were basically open ended for costs. I have said several times to get Spencer, he gets things done. My suggestions were ignored. When I moved into the frac, my house is on a privada. When it rained, it was pure mud. So I personally got three trucks of gravel brought in and dumped and had my gardener spread it. Problem solved. I never asked a neighbor for any contribution.Same with a street light. I put it in and hooked it to my house power. =30==
  5. I can only find it in 20mg. Anyone know if it is available "locally" in 80mg? I'm going to try online. Thanks
  6. GringoHombre; Your points are well taken, but many people come down here and want the security of owning their own home. Renting has many "dangers," the least of which is an increase in rent. When you buy a house in a Frac, it seems you are legally made a member. W/O a BOD, the roads would fall apart and we would have to depend on the municipality for water and other services. And you know the quality you would get. The problem is getting a qualified/competent BOD which may be a problem since they don't get paid. They are mostly good people, but being good does not always equate to competence in everything. A frac is a business, and should be run as such.
  7. Prepare means to have it worded correctly/legally. Yes, the contract was voted on by those who attended the AGM. The issue is that the contract that was approved is a piece of sh*t that gave no protection to the Frac. No, it's not time to move, other than move to have the BOD make some changes and do good analysis of what is needed, AND, have a good attorney assisting, AND someone from the BOD talk with the attorney and ask questions on how to serve and protect the frac.
  8. Yes, this is a legitimate post and I agree it's a thankless job. . I don't do well with committees unless I have oversight and make the final business decisions.. I did present a plan at the last AGM. This is after I spent several hours talking to officials at the Municipal building and paying a professional interpreter to be with me. I detailed what needed to be done to get the concession so the frac could have legal standing in court. I detailed a way to actually collect the over $1,000,000.00 in back fees due. I am told back dues will be paid when the property is sold. True, but that won't help those who are paying for the Moroosos now. I covered I covered the cost of the translator myself and talking with the at who said my idea of how to collect the money would legally work well. I said to get Spencer McMullen, Esq., an American and Mexican attorney. Spencer has, IMO, forgotten more Mexican law and procedure than most attorneys here know. At the AGM, I pointed out how the Frac had lost a lot of money due to a contract, one page long, that had no protection fat all or the frac and no set price for the work. I then pointed out the same problem with another contract. Yes, the budget was presented and glossed over by the very few people at the AGM. No one even questioned the budget except me. After presenting my plan, the frac attorney who was there and spoke English, said he would contact me. I followed up with him in a detailed email giving times, places and persons. I said I would prepare the amendment to the By-laws. I heard nothing back for over a week and then got an "I'm sorry for the delay" letter. Then I was told "Soon come." This frac, and I am told some others, is a legal and financial disaster. That's why I want to talk to a BOD from a successful frac and find out what his/her secret is.
  9. I live in a fraccionamiento with a BOD. I know BOD members serve w/o pay and for the most part is a thankless job." I'm sure there are many reasons the members do it, ranging from ego to really wanting to help others. My BOD has made decisions involving a lot of money that have been disasters. I have seen two contracts for over a total of well over $1,000, 000. Sorry, it's not workable to put a dentist in charge of bookkeeping, or an architect to oversee street maintenance. We have no government concession and thus no legal standing in the courts if needed. And I won't talk about the incompetence of the attorney for my fraccionamiento, The purpose of this post? If you feel your BOD is truly competent and well run, please give me the name and contact information for the president because I would like to get some input on how to improve the running of my fraccionamiento. No, I'm not a BOD member, but I want to approach the BOD with more than complaints, I want so suggest solutions, and I can only get those from the president of a BOD that doesn't have the problems and has the respect of the people living in the fraccionamiento. Thanks.
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