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  1. fencing recommendation?


  2. The name is piedra de tezontle. They are some behind the gas station in ajijic, materiales lopez. They have 3 sizes
  3. They participated in the san antonio school, in honors of the flag. civic act.
  4. Check in impermeabilizante quiroz, nex to auto zone, they have, just is not gorilla, is fester.
  5. Tinas tecno spa! In Guadalajara! 3314699105 or in Niños Heroes, street before to ave. Federalismo!
  6. https://tramites.cdmx.gob.mx/tarjeta-circulacion/public/ Here you can pay, and receive by email, tarjeta de circulación!
  7. You can find the tiles in jocotepec, just past the gas station in and in 1 km, in youre left side is the building, 3314953838 is the phone number. Or this 3310053359, this two places are in jocotepec.
  8. In Walmart, is HSBC, ATM! Maybe the next time try there!
  9. Is Rau! You can find in lake chapala area, Rudy he is marmol specialist, or Rury he is a contractor from ajijic, Raul Gonzales, is the name of the person I said.
  10. I have one I can recomended, he realible English, he can make the home inspection, and make an estimate, he can have the permits you need, and he can answer all the questions you have, Hes name is Raul, you can contac at 3314451634, if you want more refences, send me a PM, greetings. Susan.
  11. Hi! Call Evelin of the Casa Anastasia in riveras, she can help you're friend, they can make a good deal whit hem. 3312520663 Greetings
  12. You paid for meter and for the workers you have! But before to start the building you nees to paid the IMSS, because if they stop in the process and yoy don't pay the IMSS they charge more. How many squerer meter is youre building??
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