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  1. I renewed my license yesterday and it was very easy. The hardest part is standing in line. 1) to find the location just turn left at the lights (coming from Ajijic) and take the first right after passing the Permanent Market (there will be a green Chaps Ice Cream shop on the corner). Drive almost to the end of the street (you will probably see a lineup going into a white building). 2)Join the end of the line. If you are unsure and you don't see any expats in line to ask, just ask someone "placa?". That is how you say "plate" in Spanish. 3) when you get to the counter just hand over the paper receipt from last year and the laminated card that is good for 4 years. They may tell you that there are unpaid speeding tickets that must be paid before you can renew. You can pay with a Mexican credit card or cash. They will return your card and the receipt for this year. That's all it takes.
  2. Does anyone have 1st hand (or verified 2nd hand) information on how long it took to get results from covid test (PCR) at the airport?
  3. Thanks for your quick response. I've had an account with Bancomer for many years. I have had 2 types of tokens in that time and they worked. Because I am a Snowbird planning to return, I haven't done any banking since the Spring. The online access doesn't seem to work with my access (ATM) card and there doesn't seem to be a request for a number from my token. I just wondered if there was a change to the usual process.
  4. How do I see the balance of my account in my Mexican Bancomer chequing account?
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