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  1. It is raining in Las Salvias as I write this. The sun is still shining but big, fat raindrops are landing on the awnings.
  2. Could you please be specific about the location of "ample parking". Thanks in advance.
  3. I have exchanged emails with Ron and he states he is open Tuesday through Friday, as usual. I’m sorry the OP thought otherwise. Perhaps the OP could retract his post, so that Ron does not lose customers.
  4. I don't know about the best but Lab. Epsilon in Ajijic says they do water analysis. They are in the back of a small center immediately west of Biencom Real Estate/Marissa's Bakery. Open from 8.30-4.30. They also do economic Covid testing at 200 pesos, wait for the results.
  5. This thread is a review of Total Play's service. The World Cup chatter is just a side note.
  6. As nothing has been heard from the original poster, is it possible the person is a troll?
  7. My neighbor kindly bought me some yesterday at Pancho's westside location.
  8. Check for the email addresses of the specialists you need and contact them. I have found the QC Drs. to be very good at responding. The oncologist is Dr. Diego Herrera and the hematologist is Dra. Ana Isabel Gonzalez. Both caring doctors.
  9. I have been very happy with my Nissan Note, now 9 years old and going strong.
  10. They are working their through Las Salvias at the moment. The cars being used are labelled Carso Constructora, if I remember correctly. When the switch to fiber optics is made, the old wiring and system will cease to function. We are going to be changed. like it or not! No prior notice is being given which is a pain.
  11. Contact the benefits section of the Consulate in Guad. They can help you. Message me if you like and I can send you the letter I received from them.
  12. Both my spouse and I have been operated on by Hector Valenzuela and I cannot speak to highly of his care or his attitude. Sorry you had a difference experience Zeb, but I have never had anything but great attention from Hector. We also used the services of Daniel Briseno, Hector Briseno's brother, and found him equally caring and attentive.
  13. One day, in the future, you will understand and perhaps empathize.
  14. Some years back my neighbor had her marble floors refinished by a man who used wood chips in his buffer. He was an older man with white hair and pink birthmarks on his face. Needless to say, his contact information has been lost. Does anyone remember this man or anyone else who uses this method of refinishing marble floors? TIA for any information.
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