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  1. Went the other night to support their comeback after the fire… but sadly any dinner conversation is impossible in that location. the traffic noise , especially the constant trucks, is simply too deafening to ever go back.
  2. Multiva will provide that information - as will others such Actinver. your comfort level after reviewing is a personal decision. Personally I’ve been very satisfied with my investments of many years.. returns have been excellent.
  3. Agree it’s hard to answer your question because each agency has its own fee vs service schedule …and we don’t know what specific services you’d be looking for. Fees can vary quite a bit so best to speak with agency principals directly, shop around and request actual copies of their contracts to review. Also reliability and quality vary from excellent to fly-by-night to downright dishonest so important to get first hand recommendations from long- standing clients.
  4. Todo Bueno charity resale shop on the carretera in Riberas happily accepts clothing donations (no consignments of clothes/shoes though)
  5. If - regardless of reason - you’ve decided you’re not happy where you are and want to move on that’s your your prerogative. Your contract will tell you what you’re obligation is to the landlord over and above certainly paying for the time you lived in the premises. no one can reliably answer where you stand legally without being privy to the contract you agreed to. If you didn’t know what you were signing at the time that’s unfortunate- at least find out what it says now. Plenty of bilingual people around . In my experience sometimes you rightfully get back your security deposit, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get a (lame) reason, sometimes you’re just ghosted until you give up. Not right or fair but Is what it is….
  6. Hopefully she is not alone in her struggles
  7. No idea what YOU are talking about. Not ‘crime reporting’, rather expressing concern about the health of a person who posts incessantly - and rather bizarrely frankly- on the referenced FB page and hoping someone is looking out for her
  8. The only person who seems to post on this sponge is an Eve Zimmerman..who seems seriously ‘off’. Rarely does anyone respond to her posts which makes me worried she has no friends. I sure hope someone is watching out for her ..
  9. Often these end up at thrift stores..try Todo Bueno in Riberas
  10. FYI also can usually buy hangers at Todo Bueno consignment store in Riberas — very inexpensive & better than buying more plastic
  11. Maybe they’re feeling sad for you because it appears you could use some actual live friends in your life to talk with…. I doubt many here are really interested in what you eat/drink when and your bathroom habits
  12. Thanks , just looking for a regular old podiatrist type..nothing complicated
  13. No luck with Google. hopefully someone you have personal experience with. Prefer individual provider (vs SAT Hospital or Quality Care) but beggars can’t be choosers
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