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  1. Sams club has batteries much cheaper than AutoZone. They are the LTH brand. I got mine from the autoparts store across from where the old Guadalajara pharmacy was, just before Chapala. It was not and LTH but has been working great.
  2. I did a search for renovation contractors. Most posts I found were several years old. Currently, who are the more reliable contractors? English not required. Thanks
  3. What is the cheapest way to send monies north from a Mexican bank to a USA bank? I normally use Wise to send south but can not go the other way.
  4. I replaced the battery in my laptop and would like to dispose of the old battery correctly. Does anyone know where I can drop off the old battery for proper disposal?
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I will pass the information along.
  6. Does anyone know of a good physio that does house calls? This is mainly to strengthen lower body and resolve balance issue. Thanks
  7. It looks like a connection issue with either your phone or modem. Restart the modem and see if the wifi reappears. If it doesn't restart you phone and check again. This may help point to where the issue lay.
  8. This is what we are trying to determine. As we will likely be here pretty much full time would it even be possible to stay as Residents for tax purposes. Also, what are the long and short term pros and cons to each option.
  9. Can anyone recommend a good account lakeside that can handle our Canadian tax returns? Also, to give us recommendations on tax status. For 2021 we are ok to file as residents of Canada but 2022 is going to pose many more questions.
  10. In general, a wired connection is superior to a wifi connection. Cat5e cabling, which has been in use for many years, is capable of Gig speeds. You will not see those kinds of speeds on wifi unless you have the latest technology running with zero interference, which is not likely. The firestick may have limitations on the wired connection.
  11. What country is the laptop being shipped from? Do not assume everything from amazon.com is coming from the USA. This may also be why you are not being charged USA taxes.
  12. Not looking to resurrect an old thread but thought I would add some Canadian content for those searching. The way we are setup there are no fees for any transactions whether ATM, Debit, or CC purchases. The credit cards we have are Home Trust Visa, and MBNA World Elite Mastercard. Neither charge foreign transaction fees and the exchange is always inline with xe.com. The Home Trust Visa is a no-fees card. The MBNA card is $150/year but has a 1.8% cash back, which more than pays for the card. I believe these terms may be changing in the near future. We do not use credit cards for cash withdrawals. We have a no fees Tangerine bank account. This is Scotia's online only affiliate. They are partnered with Bank of America in the USA and Scotia here in Mexico. If we decline all offers that popup on the screen we get the same exchange rate that is posted at xe.com and no transaction fees show up on our statements. Yes, Bank of America runs the same scam as the machines here in Mexico.
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