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  1. He may not be a troll but certainly lost my support by not even taking any help that was offered......like a drowning victim that screams "HELP" but then won't get into the rescue boat but keeps on yelling...."HELP> HELP."
  2. My wife is on O2 24/7......I can help you too. Please call 3313519102 if you want help. Fred
  3. Don't ignore him...he is like watching a monkey trying to open a jar of air....it's funny and we need more "funny" in our lives.....so let the monkey make a fool of itself and we will think of that rather than inflation, wars, disease, fraccs.....etc Maybe, the mod, should add a new subject....like: THE LAST, LAST WORD or SOUNDS FROM THE BRAIN DEAD or POST HERE IF YOU NEED ATTENTION.......
  4. Thanks....that is the number I have but he is not answering
  5. None of the cell numbers I have for Opierre are ansering...does anyone know how I can reach Nyah?
  6. I have RESPERONICS. I don't mind your questions and you call me, anytime, at 3313519102
  7. RE: Back up solution for power outages. What I am sharing is a personal experience and you may approach this problem differently. 1. We own a 5 hour inogen and you are correct as to trying to sleep with it....DON'T! My wife is so terrified of dying from O2 loss that she just doesn't sleep if there is an ongoing storm and power failure. 2. Bought a generator....it can keep her portable charged but cannot run her concentrator due to her ever increasing liter per minute needs. So, I have it and will probably let Julie Hensley sell it soon. 3. FINAL and best solution for us....The Jocotepec hospital allows and welcomes us to stay on their generater. So, I bring a concentrator, plug in and we stay until power is restored. A representative of the municipality calls me to tell me when power will be restored. We have a 10 liter concentrator a 5 liter concentrator and the 5 liter portable. I have tried 02 tanks but they are very expensive and do not last long enough. I hope that helps you with your plans. Fear is your greatest enemy. Take charge and be ready to leave your house for a safer and more efficient location until the power returns. Learn who has a full time generator or whose homes have not lost power...we have been welcomed into many homes if we need to be there. If the power goes out and you have no immediate plan......you are in deep dodo.
  8. You are ALL wasting your efforts....He can not be insulted. Even when faced with a mob carrying burning torches....he will berate them for not recognizing that the mob is wrong and he and only he can save them!
  9. It is not in the mall but you need to enter the mall parking lots...then it is right across the interior road of the mall entrance...there are signs....it is not difficult.
  10. Intercam lists them as available or they can probably order them.
  11. His old name was clueless....people grow into their names, especially when they chose them.........
  12. Please note that the dollar is also falling against the peso which increases our over all costs as well.
  13. My bank here in Joco as well as Electra sell gold coins.....All national banks can order the coins for you.
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