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  1. Any foreigner who says they are too poor to live in Mexico is too poor to be alive. And, have no fear Harry, no one I know will be asking you for your charity. Also, I think you would likely be happier if you focused on your own life and worried less about how other people are living theirs and how much money they have.
  2. Not that it is any of your business but there are a lot of us who have been here a long time. We barely squeezed by the old requirements and system. When they first moved to the new immigration requirements we were grandfathered in if we applied for permanente then. We could never come close to qualifying today. We live comfortably and happily here — and are able to help those not as well off as we are.
  3. Do you have a link to the site showing the pay rates for maids all over Mexico? If not, can you share your source for this information?
  4. Thursday is her usual closed day but last week she was opened on Thursday. I am guessing she is having holiday hours. Don’t give up!
  5. Involves Tony only in the sense that Tomahawk is located in the building where Tony had his restaurant were before moving further east on that road which was before he died. The building was vacant for some time before Tomahawk moved in.
  6. No. They are not closed. When the new one opened we asked at the original and they said it was in addition to their place, not instead of. A friend ate there last week.
  7. Imagine the nerve! Posting on a public web board beautiful photos of views most people never get to see! Think of the people who don’t want to see photos except on designated sites. 😤
  8. Check with doc and be sure they will accept translated results. A friend spent the money to have translations done here. Doc in the U.S. would not accept translations and all tests had to done again up there.
  9. Does your package include HBO and Showtime?
  10. Thanks. I will check into that. I had been told you needed a Mexican bank card.
  11. Xena

    Cafe Magana

    You either “got” him or you didn’t. I got him — and his food. He was (and probably still is) a real character. I will never forget his hand printed signs all over the women’s bathroom. Some people were very insulted by them. They cracked me up. Every time he had to clean up an overflow because some dumbass thought she was special and could flush her toilet paper there’d be another sign. They started off politely asking and each one grew increasingly angry and profane.
  12. It might be. It might not. It’s TelMex. One time I drove to the office in Ajijic to pay my bill on the day it was due. When I came home the bill was in my mailbox. I have received the bill early, late, and not at all. As I said, it’s TelMex. If you have a Mexican bank account you can pay on line. I have a friend with a Mexican bank account. When the bill is due and has not arrived by mail she will pay my bill on line and I give her cash.
  13. You have no control over how people respond to you on the board or in real life. You are in control of how you respond. If you do relocate to this area you will find, along with the wonders and delights, a fair amount of things you do not like and will not want. How you react to them will determine your happiness or unhappiness here.
  14. This board is like the lakeside community as a whole. You will find people you like and people you don’t like, people who are helpful to you and people who are not, people who rub you right or those who rub you wrong. The quality of your experience on this board and in this community depends upon how you react to all these folks.
  15. It’s Mexico. There is no “general.” MostlyLost and Rick have given you good advice. No one here can tell you what the terms of your contract with Izzi are. The terms of other’s contracts here may or may not be the same as yours.
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