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  1. Man drives from Canada to the Lorado Tx. crossing. Man is waived through for entry w/o any stopping at all. He arrives in Ajijic OK, but w/o and TIP for his car or tourist vise.He queries his daughter who is here from Canada, also a visitor. He wants to know what to do because someone told him he needed a TIP and tourist visa. Attorney here contacted and attorney said if he was stopped by a cop, he was buggered. Car would be impounded as contraband. Attorney said he had a case like this before, and it took literally months to resolve it. No paying a fine on the spot. Anyone seen anything similar?
  2. Cops IMO will do nothing since truck drivers don't usually have the money to pay the ticket on the spot, if you get my drift.You rarely find Mexican vs. Mexican when it comes to traffic enforcement. IMO of course.
  3. I sent I can't recall when, but a year plus, I sent 2 emails asking about if they have ALDs and don't recall a response. Anyone know?
  4. I have a friend looking to come here. She is disabled using a wheelchair/walker, etc. and has a small service dog, not an "Emotional Support dog). I'm going to guess that the customs person will tell her she needs this and that (She will get a Vet's health certificate showing vaccinations, etc.), and the dog must have an X days quarantine or some other bovine excrement and she must pay X USD, and she can pay it directly to him, etc. Input appreciated.
  5. Traffic was bumper to bumper heading to Chapala. This was for a very high number of km. Cars/Trucks driving on right shoulder. Anyone know the problem? My driver took the El Salto bypass and that IMO took longer than if he had inched it out.
  6. I would opine that vet services here are less than 50% of NOB prices, if not lower than 50%. No, not an investigative report at all. Just someone doing what I do, making a comment for conversational purposes. I do know there were some "undercover" investigations years ago about doctors ordering unneeded tests and keeping a patienr on meds lounger than really needed.
  7. Not like an investigative article, just a post. Maybe I used the wrong word saying article.
  8. Just an article I came across. Posted it of interest. No proof in the article or names, vut I have wondered about that several times.
  9. IMO, a lawyer won't help, throwing good money after bad. Mexico is the Wild West, you can forget about getting any help in the courts, IMO of course. If you do sign a lease, make sure there is or you put in it that in the case of litigation, the prevailing party shall recover his reasonable attorney fees. IMO, you will never see them, but it's worth the try.
  10. A U.S. retired vet wrote an article, if true, is very disturbing. He said that many vets, including himself on occasion, would have dogs brought in weekly for several weeks, when they really didn't need to come in that often. The purpose of course was that the "parents" rarely left without a bill of at least $100.00. He also admitted that he ordered in-house blood work, "just to be on the safe side," and this also added to the bill. The vet said he was writing this article because he said he felt guilty, but he continued to do it. He said that the purpose of any business was not just to help people and do a good job, but to make money. He said this was also true in the human medical profession. I absolutely believe him, but when it comes to my furry children, it certainly is better safe than sorry. I was just surprised he wrote the article and didn't really see the point, but it was something that I felt to be true for decades. I just found it interesting.
  11. andIMO I have you all best. A year ago I had an M.I. Got taken to one of the gringo hospitals local to Ajijic. I knew exactly what I needed by name (Streptokinase or some other clot-buster. After we arrived at the hospital, it took one hour of sending my wife home to get the cash deposit, then sending her back to get our MultiVa debit card to get more money. By the time the cardiologist did something, the "Golden Hour." FYI: The first hour after the onset of a heart attack is called the golden hour. Appropriate action within the first 60 minutes of a heart attack can reverse its effects. This concept is extremely important to understand because most deaths and cardiac arrests occur during this period. When I was stabilized, the doctor told me that they could do what I needed, but it would take several procedures and would be very expensive. Then the doctor said I would be better off to fly to the U.S. and have it done. I did just that but most likely have several years cut off my life potential, although statistically I am past my "Best used by" date. My Cardiologist of 20 years had nothing good to say about how I was treated. My doctor is Chief of Cardiology at a hospital that was rated #1 out of 5,000 in the U.S. by U.S. News's survey. I swear the above is true. During this time, I was literally crying in paid while the cardiologist chatted with nurses. A year later and I haven't been able to et my E.R. records. Bottom line: From being repulsively healthy at age 82, I now have congestive heart failure.
  12. I saw this and liked it and joined. Now I can't find the group. It's apparently not a FB page. Anyone know anything? I do want to find it. Thanks.
  13. Due to the above, I have to ask here why M2 allows "Virgo Lady" to continue to bash me on the board. I know her personal reason but I will not post it here. All these kind of posts do it give newcomers pause for thought about what some people here are like. Anyway, I have blocked Virgo "Lady" so no problem.
  14. 1. Have you ever had a Lakeside dentist/specialist ever tell you that you didn't have sufficient jawbone to have a good implant? I am planning t ask and pay for an answer from a dental implant specialist and tell him beforehand that no matter what his/her answer, I am not going to have him/her do the work. My reason is that by saying this, he/she has nothing to gain. 2. I have seen in the Ojo ads for single implants for $10,000.00. Has anyone had one or more of these locally/Lakeside and you paid $10,000.00 for the entire job? Direct answers hoped for. Anything else, please PM me. This includes referrals. Thanks to those who will directly answer my questions.
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