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  1. We use a WONDERFUL Vet. Omar 331 341 0538, so Caring, has a huge heart. Makes house calls even in the middle of the night. Always takes the time to educate also. Doesnt over charge. His office is right next door to the Pemex in Riberas on the same side of the street.
  2. Hi Ibarra. Yes I went to walmart he had one and said to come back in 30 minutes, then didnt give it to me, but small ones instead.....lol....went to Soriana, Elektra, Muebles America, Tio Sam and many other places. No luck. Im sure they keep them to deliver the ones that are bought. But thank you. My other option is pool noodles bent as an arch with black plastic drapped over....so we will see. But thanks for the suggestion.
  3. Figoush, yes thank you so very much. I will text you to see where you live. I could come between 5:30 and 7:00 today or tomorrow??? Thank you thank you thank you
  4. Doing a charity for children. Constructing a fun maze for children. If anyone has refrigerator size boxes or washing machine size we will gladly come get them and thank you !!!!!
  5. Hi Ibarra. I just found a recent article January 23 stating that evidently there is a temporary building and already 55 students enrolled. Looks like they are beginning to build the permanent structures. The guy that donated all the 20 hectares wants to develop the land around it. Then I guess the cost of our land is going up???
  6. Is there an older woman that needs overnight care? My good mexican Christian friend cares for a woman in west Ajijic. My friend is very loving and patient and loves her job, but she is looking for something much closer to her home in Chapala as she has 3 children. She is looking for hours of 9pm to 7am the next morning and prefers caring for a woman. She just graduated from the nursing school where she graduated at the top of her class. She begins her 400 hours of hospital training where she will be working in a hospital and the Red Cross. She does not speak english but has the "Say Hi App" which is very very good. The gringa she works for now speaks no spanish but they do well together. If you need anyone you can call me for more information. Thank you. Barbara 332 055 6255 Boswellbarbara3@gmail.com
  7. Remember Terryś Tianguis in Chapala several years ago? Well She passed and the husband is selling everything. Clothes and misc are dusty but Discounted and must sell. Saturday 9:00. As you come into Chapala from Ajijic they are on the left just past the INM office. It is next to another house for sale with a green garage.
  8. Hi Lexy. I am so very sorry. Yes last year we lost $2,000 US from that ATM. Our bank in Texas did return it but it took a while. We never use CiBanco again. Also, Banorte in chapala was very good for a long time. Then we lost money there, got it back but never use it either anymore. We have not had any problems with Santander in Chapala with a fee of 34 pesos. The walmart ATM fee is 174 pesos. A total gringo rip off
  9. Ernesto is our very dear friend, doesnt smoke or drink, totally honest. You can trust him with your house and everything.
  10. yes we RARELY go there. Little mom and pop stores are cheaper, meat markets, and produce markets. If i need something those dont have Id rather go to Soriana or Surtidor. I dont like walmarts politics.
  11. that is great, hope it works out. Yes he spent his whole life in the states
  12. Can you please tell me how to contact Leilani? Thank you so much
  13. NewMtnmama you have a huge heart. Thank you so much. I just saw your post. Ok, I will talk to that vet. I went to Ladrone, The Ranch, talked to Bon Voyage, posted here, and put on Friendly Gringos and talked to Scruffy Dog Rescue in Ixtsy City. Also, talked to Sue and the dog store who also has a huge heart. She has tons of dogs. She took a little 3 legged dog we found and got him a surgery and he was adopted quickly. But I know someone will come along. This morning I gave them eggs, pork, linseed, vitimins, green beens and all flavored with bacon. They lapped it up like it was their last meal. They loved it.
  14. Im am so sorry that he was not good.
  15. thank you so much everyone. Im doing all you say.....working hard to find someone to take temporarily. One I think is sick now and needs attention. Trying to feed as much as i can
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