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  1. I heat some say cars are expensive. I have seen on a used car site some really good deals. And car insurance is cheap as crap down here. I am paying $450usd a year for full everything coverage. I know to some that is to much but others might not have looked yet.
  2. Taxis are cheap so no reason to not use them if you don't have a car. I'm lucky and have a car and bike. So no need for bus or taxi. But I see why someone would like a taxi over the bus if they can afford it.
  3. It's way more than avocado. Lol family is telling me chuck is being sold for $17 a pound! I love it here for everything. The super high costs north of mexico just make me enjoy it even more. Keep telling my wife. "I love mexico" and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I can't seem to find anything I don't like about living here. Everyplace has a few inconveniences but over all the best place I have lived out of the over 10 states and 3 countries! We are all lucky souls down here.
  4. Friday June 17, 2022 The company in charge of garbage collection in our municipality has presented problems in recent days due to faults with its vehicles that have not been repaired. 🚛 We share the areas through which the garbage will be collected this day; If the service will pass through your area, we invite you to be on the lookout to remove the waste. 🚚 https://www.facebook.com/100067826163603/posts/pfbid02B9Vn2q9izagWh1TSWNsfpZZk7UeVEGnqP5BPeG5epj1BGvYPnWnh7j76AhbrQjoal/
  5. I feel lucky with 3 times a week. And really could live with just 1 time. But sure do enjoy multiple. Thanks all
  6. I'm in a Tuesday Thursday Saturday pickup. Just sometimes like today they don't stop by.
  7. Is there someplace I can get a list of the Trash holidays? Or do they just skip days randomly? Hate to put out the trash and not get picked up.
  8. Been around the lake area and up to guadalajara at least once a month and never seen outages. Read a article about boarder towns having that issue because Cali has like $8 gallon gas or higher
  9. Nice deflection... while saying I deflect... you all are awesome comedy
  10. That is supposed to be reserved for war. Like China wants to start by attacking Taiwan. Or Russia if it starts to move on the old eastern block countries.
  11. Not really worried just asking to see if any knew. Have enough good places I like. And been too a couple which had great reviews that were horrible. Oui oui was supposed to be good. Well it was horrid 2 tries to cook a medium filet and both came out like rubber! And it was new years eve supposedly a special night there.
  12. How about you answer my next post where I explain how oil companies loat money during covid. And apple made record profits last quarter using next to slave labor in China! The oil refineries are running at 90% capacity. Which is max because things break and have to be repaired or maintained. And why would a company build new ones knowing the dems want all production stopped in 10 years or so? Why spend billions making new refineries to have them closed before they even break even? So again why is oil record profits bad but a company that builds mainly in China ok ie apple?
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