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  1. Do your due diligence. IPTV services are coming under heavier fire around the globe and are being taken down much more often than in the past years. I'm not talking about the threats of prosecution of subscribers but about signing up for a yearly plan and seeing it go bust. I would suggest month to month plans only and have several backups in mind just in case.
  2. Yup, I was trying not to exaggerate, lol. Holy Week is a great time to visit Mexico City, they have all gone to the beach.
  3. A truly fine, nice and intelligent person. He was the guiding light for the transformation of the old house we bought on Zaragoza in Ajijic into Casa Flores B&B and also he designed the home we had constructed on some land behind the B&B. He asked us what we wanted, sketched it on a piece of paper and showed it to the maestro. Maestro gathered his crew one Monday morning and as I watched he drew the outline in the dirt for all to see. A few questions were asked and answered. I never saw the drawing again and sure enough in about 4.5 months it was done and just what we wanted. Permits were all secured after it was done as well as payment of IMSS. That's how things were done then. Rest in Peace da VEED, you were a fine human being.
  4. Whatever you do each year at this time, don't even consider going to the beach. It's 3 times as bad there. Always stock up on food, tequila and pesos and enjoy the long weekend at home.
  5. That was the one and only. When we were doing the remodel on the home that was to become Casa Flores I had a payroll of around $15,000 pesos to meet every Saturday afternoon. I had arranged to use a personal check each week but I had to stop in on Thursday and tell them how much I would be needing. Many a Saturday would find them telling me to come back in an hour or so when they thought the money would be there. They always made good but some weeks were easier than others. So at 9 to 1 you can picture how many pesos I ended up with to stuff into a plastic bag and then walk back up Colon onto Zaragoza hoping nobody would notice this bag of money. Looking back I wonder if I would do that again. And no $500 pesos notes since the workers said they couldn't spend them, which was kinda true back then. Getting the maestro to write up the list of names, hours and pay every Saturday morning was another case of pulling teeth before I could even write the check. Getting approved to use a check back then was a big deal.
  6. Or standing in line at the Casa de Cambio in Ajijic hoping they didn't run out of money before your turn. And in PV comparing the different rates at the various casas before deciding where to exchange your dollars. The ones further away from Old Town had a better rate just like gas stations a mile or so from the Interstates.
  7. Since we owned and operated a B&B in Ajijic and employed people we always had an attorney. We were constantly being visited by the Union people, Bomberos and plenty of other grifters. Always had plenty of his business cards available and smiled and handed them out and advised he would handle everything. He took care of the legit ones and the others we never heard back from. If you have ever used an attorney there suggest you get some cards and let him/her know what you are doing.
  8. There are many things about Mexico I miss here in the RGV and Pechugon is right up at the top. Closest to me is in Monterey.
  9. Yes from England, don't know about soccer star but he moved to Lakeside after living and having restaurants in Bucerias.
  10. That's where he came from and then returned to.
  11. Yup, it was El Bajio and he sure was captivated by that female and that had a lot to do with why he left...but as you say, not telling that story here.
  12. That reminds me of the original owner, David. Do you remember when he "branched out" and opened a restaurant on the dried up shore of the lake in El Chante? I think it was only open at night, horseback riding tours also and steak as the main draw. Horrendous mosquitos, flies and sub-par food. The rising lake level put an end to that venture and not long after he was gone.
  13. I remember going down to the old casa de cambio next to the Delegado Office in Ajijic every Saturday when we were renovating and building. Always hopeful of getting 9 pesos to the dollar and carrying them back in a large plastic bag to make payroll. Don't think I would walk around with that many pesos these days.
  14. Right on, it's the new religion for many folks.
  15. Agree, we lived in Mexico for 16.5 years and brought in a 40 foot container from the US and bought muchas cosas while there. When the cost of health insurance was slated to go from $325/ Mo. to 1165 in 2018 we had no choice to make since if we lived in the US the rate would stay the same and in fact still has. We had lots of stuff that we would have brought back but the cost was not even close to being worth it. We flew to Houston on Southwest from PV and used their 2 free bags to bring back only the most valuable stuff. Had to totally start over back here.
  16. That is exactly how the bank used to do it...many moons ago.
  17. Yes and you might check with your Notario if thinking of selling. When we sold our property in PV in 2018 it was required that each of us have a bill in our own name since we were both listed on the deed. We had to go to CFE and have the account transferred into my wife's name and then wait the 60 days to receive that bill before proceeding with the closing, in order to qualify for capital gains favorable treatment. Maybe just in PV but better safe than sorry.
  18. If all the MJ smokers adhered to your thoughts on the subject there would be no problems. I also don't smoke, never did because both my parents did and nearly suffocated me, and don't wish to push my view on either product on anyone else. I do observe, however, much hypocrisy on the views of some stoners as seeing their choice as much more "enlightened" than tobacco smokers.
  19. Well I suspect the vast majority is smoked, and some in public places, and inhaling smoke of any kind into one's lungs is by definition harmful.
  20. I also have been amazed at the hypocrisy of supporting one while decrying the other. Both are injurious to one's health and both stink like hell. It also puts LQ's argument to the sword.
  21. ...and the names are? Quiet neighborhoods, not your friend's names.
  22. Please see the post just after yours...
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