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  1. Buyers are scarce with interest rates rising since buyers are more interested in the monthly payment than the actual sales price. Sellers who don't have to sell but who wanted to move up or down are cancelling listings since they are unable to sell at what they thought was a fair price. They saw their neighbors selling for "X" back in January so can't believe prices could have gone down. Until the Fed stabilizes interest rates the buyers and sellers will be out of synch. Those folks who HAVE to sell will be a great potential deal for people who have cash and who are looking for rental property.
  2. That's great news about Gabi. When we sold the B&B she wasn't sure where to go to work and we suggested Tango. We knew Wendy and asked if she needed anyone and she said sure, send her in. She spoke no English at the time and Jean typed up a very nice recommendation for her to take. She started bussing tables, worked up to waitress and then the last time we were in she had made it to floor manager. Even after we had left Ajijic for several years Wendy always remembered us and made a point of telling us how happy she was with Gabi. One of her younger brothers was also working there bussing tables. She had a very nice child but was a single mom so hope she has found a good partner. Please tell her that Jean and Walt from Casa Flores asked about her and send out love to her and the "baby" which surely is no longer a baby. And also to give our best to her mom who was our B&B cook for the entire 6.5 years we had the B&B. Wonderful people and they helped us make incredible deposits in our memory banks. Gracias Carnivore...and is the big filet as great as it always was? Enough for the next day for me.
  3. So many places forget a cardinal rule...you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Mexican restaurants in general seem to think they can "learn as they go" and eventually get things right. When we opened Casa Flores B&B we invited people for free the first several weeks just to get a feel for what we were doing. Not that it prepared us for what was to come but it surely helped. These days they seem to have clever names for such things like "soft opening". More of the restaurants should consider that idea. And Carnivore I'm sure you remember that it started as Pampa Tango until a small legal problem developed. We had a standing reservation for 4 so we could show our guests what a class place that part of Mexico had to offer. One of our employees, Gabi, went on to have a nice role there. No dea if she is still there since we haven't been back for several years.
  4. That is an excellent short answer that will be true 95% of the time.
  5. I feared this was the reason he didn't respond to a PM I sent him 3-4 days ago. RIP Pedro you lived life on your terms and you bravely faced the end. May we all be as fortunate.
  6. Were we still in Mexico I would solve this problem by having our attorney register the workers with IMSS, if they already are not. Then I would have him tell me how much is the employees share and rather than actually withhold it, just add it to my share and make the appropriate deposit to IMSS each month. In the case of someone working a few hours a week we're talking real short money. If you ignore it will you get caught? Probably not. The real risk is if you ignore, even with the employees permission, is some really large bill being incurred by that employee that they can't pay. Then the burden of paying that bill may shift to you. Think accident, cancer, heart attack, etc. Play the game and pay the attorney to keep you legal...you'll sleep better also.
  7. ...Probably the tiangus also.
  8. Found an app many years ago that I don't use often but when I need it it's great. Tiny Scanner costs I think $5 and allows you to use your phone's camera and create a pdf. file that you can then email. Slick and easy.
  9. The process is easy, "How much liquor do you have?". Texas has a set rate based on the volume and proof of the liquor. Yeah, it's not cheap. Walking back into Texas from Progreso, Mexico there is a separate booth for anyone carrying liquor. Quick and easy...but not cheap.
  10. Wow, they knew you had earned it but couldn't check to see if you declared it? So they decided to just ask you? LOL
  11. Don't walk, run from any ophthalmologist who would do both eyes at the same time.
  12. Many years ago we went to Costco and used the ATM. One of the 500 Peso notes was missing a corner. When trying to use it at checkout the cashier said no. We asked to have the manager called. He listened to our story and said how could we prove it came out of THAT ATM and not from somewhere else. Besides, he added, we don't own that ATM. We had been in Mexico long enough to know we were going nowhere so just sucked it up. A week or so later our attorney swapped us a good bill and said his friend at the bank would take it from him. All part of life in Mexico...Viva Mexico!
  13. Hahaha, really you're not part of Texas? My mistake...I was merely trying to add a small piece of information to the topic. Feel free to resume.
  14. Here in the Rio Grande Valley all of our doctors demand you bring in all meds you are taking at every visit.
  15. Mine was expired about 8 months and there was no problem and that was way before Covid. They're happy to get your pesos.
  16. I suspect the Dr. has seen his fair share of hypochondriacs in his time. Not accusing you of being one but perhaps you reminded him of some. Just a thought since most people who had water with them would have made sure they brought it in if they had any thought of needing it before returning to their car. Or maybe he just had a bad day.
  17. That approach is one I never used. If someone was recommended to me I showed them what I needed done, asked for a price, and unless I thought it was unreasonable I let them at it. Upon completion I made a decision as to whether to keep using him/her. Most "jobs" we had were not major construction or super complicated. I was always happy to find someone who was dependable, knew basically what they were doing and charged me a fair rate for that, I always knew I wasn't getting the "Mexican Rate" but so what? If the job was done right and without any drama that was a win for me. YMMV
  18. Always wanting an eager employee I always asked them how much they wanted to do whatever job. That usually surprised them but they seemed to ask a fair price and if I could afford it I agreed. Not talking about construction projects but regular workers that were needed day in and day out. Worked for us.
  19. Remember one thing...you don't buy insurance to cover things that will just piss you off, small fire, minor water damage, minor injury to a guest or worker. You don't buy insurance for those things. You buy insurance for the rare, but it happens, when someone gets severely injured or killed. Many people look at the "odds" something will happen. The right way to look at it is if "X" happens will I just be pissed or will it put me in the poor house. If your answer is the latter you may want to consider insurance.
  20. We had a homeowner's policy on our B&B in Ajijic through Parker. We did it mainly for the liability coverage. It was very cheap but I don't remember the number.
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