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  1. secure your bags with the safety belt used for children in the cart seat.
  2. No, I don't remember their name. My doctor merely said the x-ray place next to Tio Sam's is the only place in town to get them so I drove over and made an appointment.
  3. The X-Ray place next to Tio Sam's is the only place in the area to have one done. I think I paid about 1000 pesos just a few weeks ago.
  4. Thank you master. I found MC on eztv.re but my concern is that lime and the pirate sites had totally wiped out the entire history of the show. I couldn't find anything to explain that.
  5. Today when I went to Limetorrents, eddvdl.com, and the piratebay, the shows I have been downloading are not there at all. I am looking for Masterchef Australia E10 that should have shown up this morning specifically. I also tried finding American Idol from last night and it isn't there either. Anyone else having problems?
  6. I had Telmex out this week to repair my phoneline (crackles and buzzes). After a thorough inspection they told me that it was a problem within my house and I would need to get a private repair person to fix it. Even the offer to pay them to do it didn't work. I have changed the filter on it but that isn't the problem. So, does anyone have the name and phone number of a phone repair person I can hire? Magz
  7. Use Whatsapp and text 331 520 9621. That is someone in the Ajijic office. Explain that you can't get through to Mexico City. My line got fixed the same day.
  8. The Mazatlan Post reports that this tax will be on cash deposits requiring the owner to disclose where that cash came from.
  9. Drops are fairly big but it is such a pleasing sound.
  10. thanks so much. I live on the west side and hate driving all the way to Riberas to find she doesn't have what I need.
  11. Does anyone have Gaby's phone number Farmacia Express in Riberas?
  12. Can the medical office next to Pancho's do C-T scans?
  13. I agree with chapalence. If you don't like the nasal mask I have plenty of full face masks and head gear.
  14. Well then Harry you should be on a cpap asap! When Jim had his sleep study done they woke him up after 20 minutes and ordered a cpap for him immediately. Let me know and I can bring it into town for you.
  15. Harry we have a Remstar we could lend you until you get someone to bring you one from the states. Do you know what pressure you need? This is just a straight cpap. Jim now has the bi valve one that adjusts the air flow each time you exhale and is much more comfortable to use. Email me at: mexilady@ymail.com if you are interested. Linda
  16. A few years ago I was having trouble with my HSBC debit card. The manager came over to "help" me. In the process my card got eaten by the ATM. The manager shrugged his shoulders and said "well, you don't need one as your husband has a card:! I promptly walked over to the tellers and closed the account.
  17. Off subject but the bins that we as a community paid for in La Christina haven't been emptied in three weeks and folks are telling me that they are going to begin giving the recyclables to the trash guys again as they are tired of seeing the mess at the beginning of our community.
  18. Thank you both. I will just ignore the issue when reentering Mexico on the ship.
  19. We will be exiting Mexico by air and turning in our immigration doc at the airport. Five days later we are making a 10 hour stop in Mexico. Do I need to find the ship's purser and give him my return immigration doc and give him another exit form to protect my permante staus?
  20. thanks, they are the ones I was looking for.
  21. There used to be a firm in Guad that installed and repaired problems with Dish systems. I did a search but couldn't find them I am not looking for Mike Merriman. I haven't seen their ad lately. Anyone know who they are and contact info. Looking for a friend as Mike has been able to fix all our needs but not my friends.
  22. For 15 years we have used Juan Pablo at Handy mail near Super Lake. We seldom even a second opinion as we have found them so qualified and honest. They show up on time anf clean up every day. We live in a 30 year old house so there are always prob;ems/
  23. The new Chopo next to Pancho's in Riberas has all new equipment so you might want to use them instead.
  24. Mine has been working in La Cristina all day
  25. amazon.com.mx carries some supplies
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