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  1. Would highly recommend Chopsticks in Plaza Bugambilias for great Asian cuisine, both Chinese and Vietnamese, go see Betty & Quy, you'll be glad you did.
  2. Any updates & good news to report on the power?
  3. This is correct for a "standard" grid-tied inverter based system, while backup power systems or full hybrid systems are set up to only feed to the loads of the house, and / or not to export to the grid during an outage. There's a few different ways to do this depending on the equipment used, and which things are defined as the loads to be backed up, typically called "the essential loads".....this can be the whole house, or any portion of it.
  4. CFE challenges especially in Ajiijc centro appear to be getting worse each year due to increased loads / demand on the aging grid which seems to be really struggling. Clients are reporting a lot of low voltage situations, outages, and spikes. Demand is increasing for backup systems (whole house or portable / plug-in type AKA "solar generator") and also for whole house stabilization / regulation, especially with the rainy season ahead. The good news......all of this is available and has improved greatly in cost and capability. One local customer had a CFE issue for 5 or 6 weeks, and their whole home ran fully "offgrid" the whole time on their new solar grid-tied hybrid backup system we installed with a lithium-ion powerwall battery of 10 kWh capacity. Was a great "test" of the capacity and automation of the system......even if it was unplanned.
  5. Meanwhile, nearing the end of winter in Canada.......
  6. Jose Hernandez has done pools for a number of our clients, and to my knowledge, all have been very happy with his work. +52 1 33 3807 2343 cell & Whatsapp
  7. For those with interest in current tech, here are a few energy storage / backup systems we've installed locally with a range of hybrid inverters or inverter-chargers, all using li-ion battery systems in the range of 5 to 20 kWh of capacity. Larger ones can run a whole house including pool pump and AC, more typical is auto backup for the essential loads such as fridge, lighting, communications, water pump, .....and whatever else one deems "essential". 😉
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