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  1. Other options: 1 - be sure the house aljibe (if it has one) is topped up 2 - put a small tinaco on the roof and tie it into the house piping, a lot of homes do this as a backup to their pressure system "just in case". Gravity fed water is a lot nicer than moving it by the bucket. :-)
  2. A busy night at Stonehenge this weekend past, as the staff work all night to move the stones back 1 hour!
  3. Ask for a breakdown of the cost of the components, and the labour. And get 1 or 2 other quotes for comparable or for the regular filter type setup instead of the auto backwash ones. Then you can best decide.
  4. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-948931278-corrector-de-voltaje-sola-basic-monofasico-8000va-kt-_JM?searchVariation=91779593144#searchVariation=91779593144&position=6&search_layout=grid&type=item&tracking_id=8b08bfe5-5aa9-4413-8a52-cae17bba4a3a
  5. @Natasha The news about the 2 people who tragically lost their lives hadn't yet been published, or at least was not widely known, when the other info was shared. The key point from our contacts was that their expectations from a direct hit from a CAT 4 storm were going to be far, far worse than what they were (relatively) relieved to be seeing after the storm had just passed.
  6. Reports indicate the coastal areas around Tepic were the point of landfall; contacts in the area just shared this good "after action report" and images: "Things have calmed down, a few palapas were sacrificed to the ocean...but all things considered it wasn't what we feared".
  7. This great annual event returns this year, and for those who haven't heard....the "new again" head of the CCC Dining Operations is Hector España of Manix. Should be great evento, and people can choose to "play and dine" (1500 pesos) or "dine only" (400 pesos) Here's the info and contact #:
  8. Agree strongly, and at STI Solar Technology, we encourage our clients not to oversize their systems; we size them to get to the lowest CFE rate step in tarifa 01. Bills of about 150 pesos, vs 53 or 54 as the absolute minimum. And pay $1000 to $2000 US less, upfront, on a typical home installation. Doing this is the most cost effective way to go, otherwise people are spending much more than needed upfront, for little to no benefit. We also make sure the system is easily and cost effectively upgradeable, should the need come up down the road. That's a true win-win for the client, save now, and save later.
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