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  1. What if you need to call a grua because someone is parked in your driveway? Who pays for that service? What if the person leaves before the grua gets there, then who pays if they don't have to do anything?
  2. Yes, it was confusing this morning, but no need for apocalyptic conspiracy theories as some people I know mentioned. That said, I think a lot of people who think they prefer no time change won't be happy when June and July roll around and it gets dark at 8pm. Gonna miss those long summer days!
  3. Today I was pleasantly surprised to get all the way across Ajijic in about 10 minutes! No traffic! To what do we owe this apparent miracle? End of Gringo Season? Or were people scared away by cartel violence in the news? Gracias.
  4. Hola, I lived in that neighborhood for 15 years and yes it is noisy. But there are 2 types of noise- cohetes are only one. Mexicans told me they cope by knowing it is only temporary and will end after the fiesta season, except for certain occasional private parties. Things were much quieter the last 2 years because of the pandemic when few gringos were here, but things are opening up again. I speak Spanish and a Mexican told me the cohetes were louder than in the past because they are actually making them smaller which means they don't fly as high into the air so they explode at a lower altitude which makes them seem louder. It's mostly over for now, but yes, you have to either love it or leave, they cohetes are not going to stop. They are a lot of fun for young men. The other source of common noise problems is amplified music which has often gone on year around several nights a week, much worse than fireworks. The event place on the corner you mentioned used to be very good about limiting their noise because they mostly hosted kids' parties which were over early. Your neighborhood is /was situated between the two loudest bars in town, El Barco and at Plaza Bugambilia, whose noisy bar went out of business, thank god. Due to concerted efforts to organize local MX residents, the situation at El Barco improved; long story about Plaza B which used to have a roof top bar featuring extremely loud noise until late at night before the very loud gym blasting noise at 6:30 a.m. for a couple years. as well as I'm talking 8-12 years ago. But there also were party houses, etc. plus the carpenter shop nearby which nearly drove me crazy, I finally moved out of my great bargain house there for that reason. The only solution is to organize your neighbors to complain to Chapala. It is essential that you get MX neighbors on board, you need Spanish and a cheerful polite attitude to do that. Buena suerte!
  5. The new GR had a foto of a group of Ukrainians together out on the Chapala Malecon. I am following this war very closely and am very simpatico to UKR. Does anyone know how to contact any of these people? I would have gone to their rally if i had known. UKR has great people and a cheerful traditional culture with lots of colorful music and dance and singing, not unlike MX. And they love animals and nature.
  6. I know a couple people who stayed at La P for a while and left because of many problems. Don't know exactly what is going on now, but the original owners were in way over their heads to start such a huge project without adequate financing. Half of it still isn't done after several years.
  7. This outrageous truck noise only started around 2 years ago during the pandemic when a lot of businesses were closed, but construction projects went ahead because they could work outdoors. The trucks are here because now there is way too much building going on, most of these trucks carry heavy rocks or other construction materials or rubble, making them a danger on the roads as well. Some serious even fatal wrecks have happened because the truck brakes failed! They were driving around without having their brakes inspected! Yes, they are very noisy and I live over 3 blocks from the Carretera. I can't chat with the shopowners downtown much now because of this noise, we have to cover our ears when the trucks go by. And yes, there are plenty Mexicans who are also sick of the noise around here, (I speak Spanish and talk to them!) although other sources (loud bars and eventos) went way down during the pandemic so it has been abnormally quiet around here for that time and the noise is just getting started up again. I notice that people who live in the far flung fraccs think we in town "complain" too much. You would too if you were forced to hear what we hear. I don't know the solution to the truck noise problem but be aware it started when all the excess construction started here, new buildings everywhere, and the infrastructure here can't handle it.
  8. Can anyone recommend a place in this area or GDL that carries fine quality bedding? Please do not advise Amazon, etc., I want to see what I am getting. Gracias.
  9. Where to buy these in Ajijic? Farmacia GDL used to carry them but now they don't. Any other convenient place? Gracias.
  10. I was just in Mia's and felt it there, not big or long, but concerning. I thought it was my old age showing up, my legs felt shaky, and customers calmly went outside and waited - no big deal. I've never felt one here before, I was standing up when it happened. I talked to others who thought it was just them, like I did. I figured it was at the outer area of a bigger quake somewhere else. I was in CDMX in 2017 a few months after that quake, but there was not much visible damage by that time. Bottom line, the buildings that were built to code did not get damaged but the cheaply built ones did. While taking a walk around the hotel, I was chatting with a couple of locals when their quake warning signal went off. It was the loudest most god-awful sound that would definitely get your attention. But the locals told me it was just a warning and they stayed calm so I did too.
  11. There is a resale shop in Plaza Bugambilia, I think it's called Smokee's and it has been there forever. Good stuff and prices, check it out.
  12. There are many newcomers here and we haven't had a parade for a couple years because of the pandemic. The Ajijic Desfile de Dia de Indpendencia starts at the bottom of Calle Revolution where the tianguis is at 10 AM Friday. Do NOT go early, there is no reason to, you would only be standing around for a couple hours with nothing to do. The parade heads west on Constituction and Ocampo all the way to 6 Corners (Esquinas) and loops around the hairpin turn and heads back towards the plaza on Calle Hidalgo. It does not go on Calle 16th de Sept., that is the name of the street, it is not on the route. There will be lots of kids and charros, horsemen. The streets on the route must be cleared of parked cars. You don't have to go to the beginning point of the parade, you can see it any pl.ace along the above mentioned route. Enjoy!
  13. Some of you might be shocked to learn that there were actually documented - filmed - sightings from people in GDL last week showing something with rotating lights in the sky. I have seen this myself maybe a year ago. There were multiple reports in various news outlets, google ovni Guadalajara. Please no jokes about "imbibing". That does not make you see and film unusual things in the sky. Many people here have seen them, I've seen two different types that don't correspond at all to any earthly craft or decoration.
  14. I have recently talked to two people who moved into there, one from completely out of town, and they were very unhappy with the condition and services there and so both of them left. I considered moving in there myself but I live here and frequently drove by there and could plainly see that the work was not getting done and after a few years, is largely unfinished.
  15. OK, now I am confused. I looked over all my official documents including original new car purchase 3 years ago, permanente visa, telmex bill, drivers license. I never searched for a RFC # before, but the same one was on my car purchase and local peso bank statement. My telmex bill had a completely different RFC #. My visa has only a CURP. Can anyone make sense of all this? I don't own a home or earn money in MX. Do I still need to go through this process? Any help is appreciated.
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