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  1. Hi all, i go to a fabulous man whose name is Kahm Rel. He has been practicing tradional Chinese medicine for 40 years. I take a slow moving meditation class from him and he is incredible. His wealth of knowledge is beyond words. He is an acupuncturist. I am going to start that soon. The difference in my health and mind in a couple short months is staggering. His address is 100 Calle del Rondo, in lower Chula Vista. His phone # is 331 353 0743. The people i know going to him for acupuncture now have all said they are extremely pleased. He also has a website named Zenbythelake. I also put in Zenbythelakeajijic. I think you may be suprisingly happy with your results based on my experience only and that of other people that i know that go to him for medicinal purposes or those of the classes he holds. If anyone wants to know of my personal experience you may pm me. Bonbelle
  2. well i certainly thankyou for all your help and if i was using google speech it sometimes says she for he and visa versa. i am looking now at how to do a notification for my future reference. love the fact of your expertise in antiques. good luck...i may get hold of you later as i have some beautiful old antique things in Denver that i have to sell next year. thankyou again. bonbelle
  3. thanks chillin also happyjillin sent a pic to me of something called rococo and it was a wood piece but extremely ornate and carved. i was just about to send her a picture by pm. i still do not even now what i am doing here. what is the difference in a notification and a pm? i am going to try to send a picture to her and to you also. thanks bonbelle
  4. thankyou...i am not feeling well and am laying down. i can get a picture to you by tomorrow of the hall tree. the other piece i am working on and can get you a picture with piece on top and without piece on top. thanks so muvh for your help. bonbelle
  5. yes but made of metal not wood and not nearly as intricate
  6. i can. i did know the owner of the store where i purchased it from quite well and i dont think she would tell me it was from Hungary if it wasn't but you never know. I wonder if you would know anything about what is called a halltree from Europe. i recently purchased it but cannot find much information...but they tolx me the name of this type of furniture started with coco....something. that is about all the info i have but am trying to coĺlect more. it appears to have brass as well as bronze with a large mirror and hooks for a purse with a marble shelf to set things upon. it is, i think a really unique and beautiful piece.
  7. was supposed to say Hungarian. my fingers did not seem to be working well last night. ha!
  8. thankyou i guess i just didnt know why people would mention my name with other people i dont know. nor do they know me. the 1st situation was explained by many and recently i posted what i thought might be valuble information on a couple of all natural items that might help people sleep during the noise and some natural drops for dogs who get fearful of thunderstorms and cohetes as my dogs do. as i said i evidently offended people that post and was unkind to you but have my name thrown in when all i was doing was reading information that is good information especially construction information. i welcome anyone to pm me if there is a problem but right nonw i will only post information that i feel may be of some use for some people. certainly got off on the wrong foot by simply not understanding a long time running deal with someone and went to the defense of someone i did not know and have been hammered ever since. thankyou for your comment..it certainly helped slaint39. bonbelle
  9. what is that supposed to mean... or are you just mean. all i am doing is reading here. is that allright with you? or am i banned for reading and bothering no one
  10. i have a handmade very unusual desk and chair...1 of only 6 made by an artist in Santa fe NM, i also have a large antique...weathered look bungarian kitchen hutch...and a wiker coffe table for indoors or out on a porch or terraza... if you are interested in any of these pm me and i will send pictures and pricing. the kitchen hutch can come apart. i used the long bottom piece with 2 cabinet doors and put a long rustic candalabra on it. the top piece with shelves i put in an extra bedroom and used as a low bookcase. let me know
  11. i take clonaepam for bi-polar disorder. i buy it from lupe at maskaras pharmacy. there are 2 now. one by the old Maskaras clinic and a new one in a small strip cener on the careterra just east of the turn ins to lower chula vista and San Anyonio. just a block from down from oxxo on same side of street. There is a new printing graphics store there, ganesha spa, an art gallery, and a tile and grout store. it is just west of new hospital. i am on the lowest dosage which is 2 mg. she sells it a few drugs that you normally you need a perscription for. possibly different liscence than some. if you tell her what you need it for. she is at her store by hospital from 8-4 and the other store by the old clinic is open from 9-5. they always have it in stock. i saw here ask one person only for a prescription. if you need a scrip there is ajijic clinic..or your dr. in Chapala at the main light across the street there is a parmacy with a doctor that only charges 60p to see him and he will write you a svcript. you have to ask for the doctor who is upstairs. i go thru light and park. as you face the light coming from ajijic there is a furniture store on the right corner...it is on same side of street but the opposite corner about 3-4 stores up. you will see it or ask anyone there on corner if you dont see it. it helps people sleep also. not me it makes me run around. oh well. cost at maskaras is 150p per box of 28 or 30. i used neuronton in states to keep me level. it is sold OTC generic name Gabapentina. i was in shock here though as i was on 1200 mg in US and felt nothing. i bought the generic gabapentina and only took 2 tabs of 400 mg twice the first day. it was very strong...i didnt know what hit me. i am not a fan of benzo's but being on a low dose once a day will not turn your brain to much. As my bi-polar has decreased intensley due to lack of so much stress i was under i have found something amazing for me. there is a small natural health store on caraterra by the gas company where the pool supply store is. it is a sublingual bottle of vitamin B-12. you can take up to 3 times a day. one eye droper full 3 times a day. hold undér tongue for 30 sec and swallow. i started the first couple days with 3 doses and now i only take one dose in morning and sometimes 1/2 dose if needed .05mg in evening. when i tried this i couldnt believe it. dose and goodbye nerves of body and mind within 5 minutes. amazing and he sells alot of it. approx cost 200p for 59 doses. he may also sell it in sublingual pills. my body reacts differently than alot of people because of what i have but if you go talk to lupe at maskaras by hospital and tell her what you have and she will probably just sell it to you OTC. As it puts many people to sleep you may want to try 1/2 pill 1st. sleeping on plane is great but you dont want to go to sleep while boarding. best of luck to you. i love the vitamin B-12. if none of these suggestions work for you please pm me as i have more but am taking a whole page just for this. Bonbelle
  12. i have to agree with you. although loud firecrackers scare my dogs i have found a wonderful new all natural drops for miedo for animals as well as many more drops of for different things animals may have. there are drops you can put in their water that are good for them that just keep them relatively stable throughout the day. i love Mexico and i am lucky that i live in lower chula vista where i am not downtown ajijic during festivals etc. unless i want to go enjoy the festivities and noise. i am always confused why people move to a foreign country nlbut immediately want to change the country to clone the own country. Then go back to your own country. i think it is impotant to rent first in a country prior to buying to decide if where you are living is just to loud or to dirty or has to much crime etc for you so you can make a good choice if you decide to buy. Now i came here and the new San Antonio Plaza had not been built yet. the last festival went on for 12 or 13 days and music went till 4 am. but usually on weekends there is music i can here and i love it as i can dance on my terraza and it spices up my life. the music is not overbearing and is usually over by 10-11 pm. i agree as we age we need our sleep. at the health food place near the gas company and pool supply place sells 10mg sublingual melatonin by puitans pride. if i go to the states i buy the same sublingual pill at sprouts only made by natrol approx cost is 10-11 us dollars for 60 pills. take 1 pill and you are out for the whole night. some people might want to try a 1/2 pill to start. it is wonderful for your brain. so think wisely before you ret or buy. mexico is charming and they love there fiestas and i love the fact they do. rather than trying to change everything Mexico and their culture loves we should think about what positive things we can change in ourselves to help our situation
  13. You can buy them at Dildoria and what they call the $ store at the plaza Ajijic. The $ store sells only a 0 nicotine oil in flavors. The Dildoria sells oil with nicotine of varying strengths. The e-mail cig itself is not anywhere near the quality of the state's but then again they are much less expensive. About $10.00 US
  14. My deepest and heartfelt apologies to anyone I upset or hurt on my posts under the Monday Tiangus. Especially Slainte39.. i am normally not an angry nor vicious person. I allowed a deeply painfully experience in my life at that time to splatter all over the weboard. When i am deeply hurt my immediate defense mechanism is anger, as if that is going to help anything. Unfortunately it generally comes out sideways like this at people i dont know. Given that i know more aboit the situation now, it was quite ed to post any opinion of frankly none of my business. People are allowed to post any opinion or fellings they have whenever they want. Again my apologies. From now on i will only post questions about things i hope can help me and posts of intersting things on renovation of a knock down old home i decided not to let go of for my grandmothers house. I have learned so much as i have had to do this on my own. Basically if anyone has a construction question they want to post i often times provide a strong answer. I certainly dont know all of it but after 3 years of 12 hours a day of construction work i can answer alot. The funny thing is all my first words in spanish I learned were not Hola o Como Estas? Every one of them were words used in a fereterria! HA!
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