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  1. The tope's on the Libramiento were installed long BEFORE any signs went up.
  2. If buying a Toyota they will not accept a credit card. I ordered a new Toyota a few months ago and the dealer absolutely would not take a card.
  3. One of the local restaurants, El Fogon de Charlotte, prior to the gov. mandate to close had removed enough tables/chairs to allow a very generous social distancing. They also sanitized the tables before each customer was seated. In addition they had a hand sanitizer station for patrons to use and they use masks. Now we just order delivery or pick up but If Charlottte's were offering "dine in" we would probably go at this time. Granted we are 73 and 70 with no pre-existing conditions. I have to think that if the government deems it safe do go back in the water in a few weeks, are we really any safer at that point than now?
  4. I would say we received about 3/4 in. + rain last night in Vista Alegre up the Libramiento according to my fountain level.
  5. RAFTERBR, You are so right about the sun, It has now been proven the UV light, sunlight kills the virus. Being outside in the sun and breeze is good for you even if one can't walk.
  6. Propane prices go every month by a few centavos. It's not a free market commodity in Mexico. Prices have doubled in the last seven years.
  7. EA93105 Yes, it's simple with the newer cars with digital odometers. I just googled it and watched another video ( sorry don't know how to link video to watch) It was explained that with all newer cars with digital odometers one only has to search on google and buy a device that plugs into the car's computer port. These items go for about $300.00 and leave no trace.
  8. When buying used just remember that it is very easy to turn back the odometer on any late model car. The equipment to do this can be purchased on Amazon. I watched a video about this a couple of years ago.... eye opening! Some of the cheats got caught by simply leaving the service record in the car ( dumb )and of course the odometer didn't match the records.
  9. The local rental market was in some instances very overpriced before the virus hit. In talking to Realtors and rental agents six, seven months ago they were telling owners that their property could be rented but not at those high prices. We saw this first hand in our local community with new buyers trying for big rents and never getting it. Those houses have now been listed for sale and some have sold.
  10. Pemex was recently downgraded to junk status by two rating agencies. This will lead to a lower peso and more difficult times ahead for Mexico.
  11. Honey Bee , After social isolation I am going to try walking on water, but first a few drinks are in order.
  12. Thanks all for you help, I had dreams of waking to no water !
  13. Yes, the office was closed yesterday. Hopping we can get some comments or answers on this topic. Thanks
  14. If you read the article, it says owned by a UK company. headline is, as is so often the case very misleading.
  15. We second Scott. Professional and a nice guy. We have used him for years.
  16. So, with the roadblocks does that mean no runs to Costco?
  17. A friend told me he heard from a local that a road block on the Chapala Guadalajara highway was set up to keep cars from Guadalajara coming to lakeside during the shutdown. I realize this is second hand info at best but wondering if anyone can comment and or confirm this.
  18. Casa Fuerte sounds great and their wed page looks Tasty. How d they compare to Casa Luna in Tlaquepaque ?
  19. Try calling Computerland in Riberas. Ruben Samuel is the owner. Open Mon. - Fri. 10- 4pm 765-7595. Great service. Good luck
  20. Roberto and Luis are no longer partners. Luis does the landscaping and Roberto the tree service Luis cell # is 331-241-9773.
  21. In looking at the only one inch of asphalt that was removed by the milling machine I can almost guarantee that a one inch resurface will fail. should be at least 1.5 inches. I have forty years experience in this area.
  22. Another motorcycle accident in Las Floresta on the Carretera today around 12:30 this afternoon. It looked like the rider was killed.
  23. Our sunsets here are some of the best we have seen anywhere.
  24. Most often patients don't have problems with light from catarct surgery after a short recovery period.
  25. OK, is it 1.5 or double time for this holiday? Thanks
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