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  1. Hi bdmowers, Yes, we did get a quote back in April and had the work done in May. I still have the quote, I like to keep all contractor quotes where I have had the work done .
  2. Hopefully, if you don't have any roof leaks now you should wait til the rain season is over to get the work done.
  3. Hopefully, if you don't have any roof leaks now you should wait til the rain season is over to get the work done.
  4. Did you get a written quote from the contractor detailing what work was to be completed and what materials were to be used?
  5. Where can I pick up some Epsom salts locally? Thanks
  6. I have several friends that have had hip replacements by Dr Gonzales Sr. At least one of them has had both hips replaced by him. Gonzalez is highly recommended.
  7. This is amazing, let's hope !!!
  8. We have been an Intercam client for long while and we are very pleased with both their product offerings, and customer service. We deal with Yuray Rivero Garcia and can't say enough good about her. Smart and she will not disappoint. 376-766-5980. Make an appointment and ask your questions. Yuray works out of the original office just west of Oxxco in Ajijic, mtn. side on the Carretera.
  9. Floradude, You are right about people need more public info on upcoming shots. We had no idea shots were being given at the Ajijic plaza. Let's hope another round of shots is coming soon.
  10. Thanks conejorapido, got hold of him with the number you posted.
  11. I have been calling Jackie from H2o on his cell and it sounds like it's no longer in service. Anyone have any contact info, etc. I need new filters and UV light Thanks
  12. I don't think you will find stock color as you describe. The color code should be written on your can after they custom mix. happyjillin is right about the Comex store on Madero.
  13. The unvaccinated are not more likely to contract Covid, they are more likely to become more seriously ill. Also when the unvaccinated get Covid they do not shed the virus any more than a vaccinated individual.
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